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BMW G310R Media Rides In US

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Is has begun! BMW will make the new G310R available for media rides in the US so the reviews should start pouring in soon. And there's plenty of motorcycles for test rides. The picture was published on Rushlane so they should be posting up a review soon.

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That looks so photoshopped because of how uniform they all are lmao !
They better take these on some nice riding roads to really work it in and have some solid foundation for properly evaluating it. Which US publications are you guys eager to see a review from? typically, but they've already posted their reviews. The reason I like their reviews a lot is because they go quite in depth. They provide a back story, provide the riding experience, a table of specs, a scoring sheet, and a great amount of pictures to go with. Pretty darn thorough
Looks like the test ride may span some packed dirt roads too. I don't expect it to perform that great on dirt, that's what the GS model is for.

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Yea but that area doesn't really look that challenging. If it was a little more loose, I can imagine then having to utilize the GS model
Odd that the publications are not mentioning any stretches of dirt when it comes to the g310r reviews. Guess it wasn't really worth mentioning or that's just a spot to take a break mid test.
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