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BMW G310R Not Launching in India

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Just read a report that the BMW G310R will not be launching in India this year. But they do expect it to launch in February to March of 2017.

Aside from that, the G310R should be getting exported to European markets this year.
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So that's why India didn't make it onto the list of countries where the G310R is being launched. I would assume BMW would want to launch the G310R in India along with everyone else since it's such a large market.

why the delay I wonder?
I would assume that too.. but maybe some new competition came out already down there and they're waiting for it to die down ?
Models are competing with each other all the time and that doesn't stop them from being released. Feel like TVS has something to do with the delay.
No date has been confirmed yet but now they're saying the g310r could be launched in India in either January or February next year. Lucky for them since we'll be the beta testers fro a new bike.
That's actually pretty beneficial for them in this case then. Give it to us and we'll find the bugs, they'll have it fixed in time for release all peachy perfect
I'll be one of those people waiting a while after the initial release to see if riders are seeing any problems with the bike. Small things can go wrong and then you're bike will be at the shop more than on the road.
Can't argue with that. I think that's more depressing than having to wait for it sadly.
By the time the g310r comes out, it'll be the end of the riding season where I live so others in warmer climates can test it out for me before summer next year. :)
Lol nice ! So basically we can include you in the India circumstances crowd lol. Won't be getting one until 2017 anyhow lol.
I think it's always the best thing to do anyhow. Never want to get the first batch because it only makes sense that there's going to be some issues.

It's not like a Ferrari where the first ones are the ones that'll increase in value lol
As much as I like BMW, they aren't exactly known for reliability for both cars and motorcycles. Best to wait a bit first.
Precisely that ^^ There's really no other way of putting it, and that's solely because of personal experiences.

That being said though, others have had nothing but great experiences with them
Some people may clock in huge mileages without any problems and then you have those who get a bad egg and have to constantly repair things on their bikes. Not saying other brands don't have the same problem but it's just more common with BMW.
I find it's like that with german engineering in general, not to single them out but hey.. again personal experiences
Might be why a lot of people have been preferring to go the Japanese route, after all you see so many of them on the road. But it's when you start to go higher up the CC range that you might want to venture elsewhere, like Ducati.
RushLanes says BMW is preparing for the October festive season and they're going to introduce a whole range of bikes to the India market including the g310r. Maybe we'll hear more about their future plans there. other bikes to be imported over will include the NineT, K1600GTL, S1000R, S1000RR, S1000XR, F700GS, F800GS, F800R, R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure.

If the GS models prove to be popular, maybe India will get the mini GS too.
Hmm I don't see why not.

But going higher in the CC range, I think Ducati is the best route. They're gorgeous as ever, have the power, riding comforts are still there. Ideal bikes for the adrenaline junkie especially lol
There's plenty of options if you want higher cc bikes but BMW is trying to expand the sub 500cc lineup, not too many options out there right now especially when it comes to off-road/touring bikes like the GS.
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