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BMW G310R Presentation By Moto Catalog

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A more emotional than technical presentation of the BMW G310R but you do hear a bit about the bike's balance.

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It's thanks to the tilt of the cylinder to the rear and the 180 degree rotation of the cylinder head. It lowers the bike's center of gravity.
Tough crowd on visordown when they say this review.
"This is a serious motorcycle in this segment" It's a 300 single that likely makes less than 30hp at the wheel and will the the slowest of the entire 300 class once the new Honda twin is in production.
Wait, is that guy talking about the new Honda Africa Twin? That thing is 998 cc, not a very fair comparison.
Not good at all, anyone reading that will be discouraged to get it. Power figures matter and being that poor in comparison to competition is going to push them back a bit.
I guess it'll be down to how it handles and your riding style. If someone wants more power than what the g310r provides then they will most likely turn away from it. It's going to be down to quality, price, brand loyalty than engine capacity.
"The front end of the bike is low and aggressive" but are there any negative impacts when the front is lower than the back? Just wondering.
Only thing I can imagine is it playing into ergo's which from what I can make of it so far doesn't seem to be an issue at all.
I know lowering the front will make turn in easier but that's usually done on track bikes and not a 500cc bike. Why it comes like that stock? I have no idea.
Could be the industry standard?
Probably, the increased track time is negligible for the average rider.
It is, what appeals most is what most will be doing and that is putting power down on the street within the low power range. That's where we'll really feel it and enjoy improvements most.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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