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BMW G310R Scrambler Has Potential

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BMW’s already coming out with a NineT Scrambler, so why not a G310R Scrambler? Oberdan Bezzi thinks the G310R has potential as a Scrambler, thus the above rendering of a BMW R310SC.

The Scrambler segment has enjoyed a recent resurgence
with Ducati so it makes sense for BMW to jump on the bandwagon while it’s hot with a more affordable Scrambler for the masses. Yes the NineT Scrambler is in the works but its price tag puts it out of reach for those who are looking at a Ducati. This is where the R310SC, with SC standing for Scrambler, comes in.

Just having the BMW badge is tempting enough but if the R310SC was to be sold at a similar price to G310R then the Scrambler will be a sure fire hit. It will be a functional and affordable bike that new and experienced riders can use to take on both paved and off road trails.

Bezzi’s rendering shows us just how much potential the R310SC has with radial Brembo brakes, large front motor, and a set of spoked and knobby tires for off-roading on more than packed dirt. Protecting the sump and other important elements located in the belly section is a bash plate that curls upwards for optimal coverage. What isn’t displayed but could be a possibility is the ride height of the G310R being raised to accommodate for its new off-roading capability.

Autoevolution thinks BMW is planning a small displacement GS so we could be seeming something similar to the R310SC in the future.
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Smart move to target that market for scrambler bikes, NineT and its rivals are doing well so far which goes to show what sort of demand there is and I can only imagine this taking off even better, lower cost to entry and maybe even applicable to more markets.
Most people looking at the Ducati Scrambler wants a fun but affordable toy. BMW will lose out to Ducati if the R310SC is priced too high but this is under the assumption that BMW does come out with one.
I would actually go for the R310SC instead of the g310r if it was an option, more versatility and bang for your buck.
This is just a rendering and BMW plans to come out with a half faired and touring version first but maybe they have something like this in the works already.
This is just a rendering and BMW plans to come out with a half faired and touring version first but maybe they have something like this in the works already.
Surely they do, as with any company that makes products with a lot of R&D to do before the public even gets to know.

But of course we won't hear of that.
Heard it takes around 5 years for a car to go from drawing to production, probably less for a motorcycle but still a lot of time needs to be put in. For all we know, BMW could already have a concept design drawn up and produced.
Motorcycles are less complex though. Think of how many fewer parts and features they have. I think that it is more about the business case than the actual production or testing, especially with this just being a variant.
Sometimes cars take longer than that, if you factor in the development of the platform it will ride on.

Bikes by my guess should take half that time or less, all depending on what's going on. Of course EV bikes will take longer, being a first for the industry, no text book approach.
If BMW does decide to come out with a Scrambler variant, it shouldn't be too hard to make the g310r off road ready unless they plan to change the engine. Suspension, wheels, body protection, etc can be easily changed.
They should be, that segment is growing and if there's any brand to take advantage of that demand its BMW, at this point they'll be just getting into the game after it has started, the sooner the better.
BMW is coming out with a Nine T Scrambler but maybe they can come out with a lower cc one too for new riders or those who can't afford a higher cc scrambler.
Maybe, I think BMW's main competition is the Ducati Scrambler and Ducati is coming out with a smaller-capacity version. Makes sense for BMW to come out with the Nine T Scrambler and another smaller one to compete with them.
That's what I also read about on MCN. Ducati being the leader so far in this segment, the fact they see potential for a small version should be enough of a reason for other brands to follow. They should even see more success in this smaller segment. Smaller CC ranges have been quite limited for a very long time now.
I think all we have is the Grom and it's not really a scrambler at all. Could use some more variety on the market.
That is indeed all we have an although it isn't a Scrambler, there should be modifications out there that help to bring it closer to a Scrambler. Just look how crazy aftermarket support for it is overall. A quick browse on the Grom forums should make this obvious.
Did you guys see these pictures of the Grom in Scrambler form?

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The left one looks very nice. Exhaust a bit too close to the rider's leg for my liking but overall very nice. Too bad Honda doesn't sell them and those two are custom jobs. Is anyone wants a G310R Scrambler, they may need to make the mods themselves.
On the topic of Groms I also found this Ducati 1199 powered Honda Grom. Yea. That is insane.

The Honda MSX 125 became the Mod Dam and gained a little weight after the transplant. From a 102 kg (225 lb) bike, it jumped to 137 kg (302 lb), but the rest of the performance specs skyrocketed.

Mod Dam is no longer striving to reach the 105 km/h (65 mph) top speed; instead, it can blast along the highway at 320 km/h (200 mph), as it looks like the "gentlemen agreement" limiter was also removed, and the 205 horsies of the Panigale engine can roam free.
Sadly the bike is no more because a ruptured fuel line caused it burn to the ground. :(

Ducati 1199 Panigale-Powered Honda Grom Is as Insane as It Gets
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Lol, they plan to build another 1199 Panigale Grom again. Can't really see people trying to do this with a BMW scrambler but definitely a small an affordable cc bike like the Grom.

Actually...if the BMW scrambler is priced right in Thailand, people may be crazy enough to do this.
I think it'll be tough to see this level of mods done with other small CC bikes, the Grom was unique and came in at a good time, and they seem to have grabbed a good amount of people that had wanted to go that direction. I think the Ruckus helped in building up that interest.
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