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Two premium European marquees go head to head at the bottom of the market.

Both companies offer up built-in-India 300 and change cc single cylinder bikes aimed at a more budget conscious audience then typical for them. Both (seem) to offer raucous performance over the typical small UJM.

Lets see how they compare:

Engine (cc)

G310R: 313
Duke 390: 373

Power (PS)

G310R: 34.4 @ 9,500 rpm
Duke 390: 43.5 @ 9,500 rpm

Torque (Nm)

G310R: 28 @ 7,500 rpm
Duke 390: 35 @ 7,200 rpm


G310R: 6-speed
Duke 390: 6-speed

Brakes (front/rear)

G310R: 300 mm/240 mm
Duke 390: 300 mm/230 mm


G310R: Yes
Duke 390: Yes


G310R: Michelin Pilot Street
Duke 390: Metzler

Tire Size (front/rear)

G310R: 110/70 R17 / 150/60 R17
Duke 390: 110/70 R17 / 150/60 R17

Wheelbase (mm)

G310R: 1374
Duke 390: 1367

Seat Height (mm)

G310R: 785
Duke 390: 800

Weight (kg)

G310R: 158.5
Duke 390: 154

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BMW just needs to price this well to compete with the Duke. They did a good job with the g310r, could be classified as an entry level street bike or it could be a mileage friendly bike for touring people. Think it gets around 30KMPL.

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If that's actually what it turns out to be once finally priced on the market that will do a lot for giving them the competitive edge they need, but i'm starting to think that if priced slightly higher than competition that it won't make a significant difference

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Granted this isn't in USD but the prices in this chart shows that the G310R costs less than it's Yamaha and Ninja competition. I think it's price competitively.
Are you sure that's what the chart says?

Because the chart i see expects the G310 at 2.4 lakhs, the most expensive of the naked bikes.

The indian market is also skewed by tarrifs. For example the R3 and Ninja 300 are NOT produced in India and therefore suffer increased prices as a result.

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