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BMW Motorrad Equipment Testing [Video]

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Often times we aren't shown the procedures that products go through to test their limits and prove that they are safe. This is especially true when it comes to motorcycles, as opposed to the testing that automobiles go through.

This video compilation shows a number of different testing methods that are used by BMW to test their equipment. The tests span crash testing, neck brace testing, water resistance, and tear resistance. It's quite interesting to see these different testing regimens carried out as a behind the scenes look at the development of BMW Motorrad equipment.

There is no commentary or explanation to go with the video however, and this leaves it up to the viewer to figure out exactly what they are looking at. Adding some type of narration to explain what is going on in the video would make this an substantially better piece of content, in my opinion.

BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment Testing
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That's some impressive testing, not to say I wouldn't have expected this but it does help to see what goes on behind the scenes since you not always see it. Thanks for posting the video.
I'm most interested in the second test. Any ideas?
I think it would be a somewhat interesting job to have to test all this equipment. The helmet and neck brace test most interested me.

How much research do you do on your safety equipment before you buy it? Just out of curiosity.
None, I just walked in there and bought whatever fits and I think is protective. Doesn't mean I'll go in there and buy something from an unknown brand, something tried and true and the employees at the store is very knowledgeable.
As long as you're buying from well known brands you're basically in the clear, they can't only get so bad. And when you're buying something from BMW for example... there's almost no question as to the safety of their equipment.
BMW motorrad products may be safe but I find them overpriced compared to what I can get at the bike store when they're having a sale. I'm sure BMW products are great but so is suomy, shoei and a plethora of other brands out there.
It's not for everyone, pricing will be too much for some but it depends on reason why you might want to have it.

I know some people that must only have BMW Motorrad stuff, especially when it comes to gear like this.
Does anyone use a non-full face helmet while riding? Is it true that anything but those are basically not very safe at all?
Like these?

Your chin and everything not covered by the helmet is fair game for the asphalt. realistically, you won't always land right where the helmet covers.
Modular helmets aren't the safest either because a hard impact can flip the front plate up and leave your face open to injury.
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Does anyone use a non-full face helmet while riding? Is it true that anything but those are basically not very safe at all?
I don't and won't risk it. Riding in the city can be very dangerous with all the horrible drivers, if I was to get hit, having the most protection around a vital area is a must. Plus on a bike like the G310R a sporty full face goes with the bikes theme
It isn't bad till it gets to that really warm spot in the summer. It makes my head overheated. Perhaps I just have to find one that has excellent ventilation options.
Getting up to speed helps and lucky for me i ride in the mornings right before the rush and leave before the rush, so the short street commutes to the highway is the only downside.
If it's too hot you may not want to ride, better to stay home in those temperatures, but generally a well ventilated helmet and getting up to speed is enough to cool you down.

Riding is something you want to do in ideal conditions and heat can really affect someone.
No matter how well vented your full motorcycle jacket is you can still overheat even with every single vent open if it's a scorching day. Better to stay indoors than pass out from a heat stroke while riding on a bike. And don't get a black helmet if the sun is an issue where you live. You'll be cooking yourself under that brain bucket.
I get what you are saying. I just love riding most when its beautiful outside. In Toronto it is either too cold, or too hot. There is a fairly short window of in between weather on either side.
Interesting how they test waterproofing on their materials. The orange one had water forced through it to see how much water pressure is needed before it leaks. Not sure about the one before that since they seem to have put steel wool in the fabric.
well yeah they have to, just about any testing has to be extreme to test products in the worst possible scenario since that sets the bar high for its tolerance on a day to day basis, making it easy to go through all of that.
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