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My BMW roadside assist paid for itself during the holidays.

I was riding up to the coast from Brisbane the day after Boxing day, My family had left in the car about 20 minutes before me. The highway was stop and go for about 50km, I was able to ride on the shoulder at 30km/h and soon passed my family. I then got something in my rear tyre and had a flat, I managed to pull off at an exit and called up roadside assist, they were able to pick me up within 1 hour and dropped me off at the nearest BMW dealer which was in the direction I was travelling, about 50 minutes away.

Luckily that BMW dealer also sold bikes, I called them and asked if they had a spare tyre, they ended up having a new 'old' Michelin tyre as they are now fitting Metzler to all of the G310s. They said they could fit it for under $100.

got there and it took them two hours to get the tyre fitted (after accidentally fitting a gs rear tyre).

The whole trip (which normally takes 2 hours in good traffic) ended up taking over 6 hours, but I did get everything sorted that day and got going again.
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