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Hey everyone,
Just went to the dealer yesterday and fell in love w the 310.
In the midst of finishing up some side paint work to buy one outright,and already have plans for some upgrades.
A bit about me, I’ve been building and riding choppers for about 20 years and my body has finally told me it’s time for a nice comfy bike.
Now having a steady “real” job I do custom paint on the side to feed my bike habit.
Found this bike while looking for a good commuter and the 310 is perfect for that.
Planned upgrades: custom paint,of course.
Exhaust,cuz that stock can is god awful.
I’d also like to get rid of the mag wheels and by doing a little preliminary research here it’s looks like rally raid is the only place that makes a set. I’ll have to build a front fender set up to make the 19 work in the 310r,but that’s fine with me. Not scared to rip into a bike and get my hands dirty.
So if all goes as planned I will be posting my progress.
Anybody else customize any of these bikes?
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