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Clear Look At The BMW G310 GS

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BMW Motorrad’s new G310R-based adventure tourer has been spotted again and this time it was caught testing on the roads of Germany.

The guys at MCN managed to take a few clear photos of the G310 GS before its expected reveal at the 2016 EICMA Show next month. BMW was actually revealing their new models at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne and they probably brought the G310 GS along with them to Germany.

Based on the more street orientated G310R, the GS variant looks to have borrowed design elements from its more powerful sibling, the R 1200 GS. It is sporting new half-fairings with the GS logo on display, a long-travel suspension, off-road friendly tyres, extended tail, new engine cowl and a sculpted fuel tank. We can see the G310R in the headlight, handlebar and instrument cluster, but the rest is from the BMW adventure lineup.

Powering the G310 GS will be the same 313cc, liquid-cooled DOHC 4V single-cylinder engine found in the street fighter. It’ll probably churn out the same 34bhp at 9500rpm, and 20.6lbft of torque at 7500rpm. It’ll probably come out heavier than the G310R, but the GS model shouldn’t weigh more than 162kg.

Because the G310 GS is an adventure bike, we can expect to see a whole slew of accessories available including the rear seat luggage case depicted in the picture up top. Hopefully, we’ll receive a confirmation from BMW soon.
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Lol the way this site is going, we should rename is ! ;) ;)
Well, the Mini GS was based off of the g310r so it makes sense to leave it as is. I wish they would let us know how much travel the G310 GS has. Ground clearance looks great but ti can only do so much with limited travel.
The watermarks are too large! They're blocking my view of the bike even if they are somewhat see through.

Other than that, I like the upright rider ergonomics and it has plenty of space for taller riders. Looks like they kept the g310r exhaust, that thing has to go because it's fugly and doesn't match the rest of the adventure bike.
I was actually expecting a smaller body since it's based off of the compact g310r. A lighter frame could make it more competitive with dedicated off-road bikes.
Looks like most of that extra size comes from a larger fuel tank. There's no going around that if they want to come out with a decent touring/off-road bike. It'll go up against the Royal Enfield Himalayan, Mahindra Mojo, and the upcoming KTM Duke 390 Adventure.
Once it's out, I'm sure there's going to be plenty of accessories for it including crash bars.
A set of crash bars for this designed similar to what they had for the R1200GS would be ideal.
I'm expecting to see crash bars, sliders, hand guards, etc. The G310 GS is the perfect opportunity for BMW to sell accessories especially in terms of storage and protection.
Shorty exhaust for me will be a must, never liked having OEM exhausts like what we're seeing here.
Shorty exhaust for me will be a must, never liked having OEM exhausts like what we're seeing here.
I agree. I highly dislike the oem exhausts like these. I wonder what something shotgun styled would look like on this ... ? :wink2:
Here's a clearer picture of the G 310 GS, gotta love the contract between the blue and silver. Either she is a small person or the GS version is larger than I originally thought.

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With her on there it definitely looks a lot larger than expected. That being said, remember when the video of the G310R came out and the girl in the video messaged on these boards? She looked the same in comparison to the bike and she was like 5ft5 or something?
She was 5 foot and on her tiptoes. Assuming the GS variant sits and inch or two higher, someone will need to be at least 5 foot two to comfortably sit on one. Those handlebars do not look upright enough for a touring bike.
Oh crackle, if that's the case, someone 5'4 would be able to easily ride this thing with their foot almost flat ?
Not sure about flat footing, but you should be able to steady yourself on the balls of your feet. If a bike requires you to balance unsteadily on your toes, then it's not worth getting. Lowering a bike is just too much effort.
I heard lowering a bike is dangerous to an extent as well ?
All depends on the route you take to lower the bike. There are many different things you can do. You could get a shaved seat, change springs and shocks, apparently even some stupid $20 gizmos. The thing is you have to really look at what you're doing and think about it. Lowering the bike overall and you can start bottoming out, very different from bottoming out on a car lol
Now that G 310 R reviews are coming in, when do you think we'll start seeing G 310 GS reviews?
4-5 months maybe ? Give it some time to clear the R perhaps?
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