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Confirmed: BMW To Make Mini-GS In 2017 Based On G310R’s Motor

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This may be the update some of you have been waiting for. We already knew that BMW plans to come out with a whole lineup based on the G310R, first it was the Akula and now it’s the mini-GS.

The confirmation came directly from BMW Motorrad UK’s director Phil Horton in an interview with Motorcycle Sport & Leisure.

He said: “New models aside, the line-up isn’t as comprehensive as it needs to be. But there are plenty more bikes to come, including, hopefully in 2017, a G310R GS-style derivative. That’s quite an interesting proposition in itself.”

There are currently 7 GS models available but only two of them has the word ‘adventure’ tacked onto it, the BMW F 800 GS Adventure and the R 1200 GS Adventure. The mini-GS could be modeled after either one of these and with it designed around the 34bhp single-cylinder naked bike, it will most definitely come at a more affordable price than the R 1200 GS’ $22k MSRP.

Based on the current GS adventure bikes, we could see the mini-GS come with ABS as standard, a larger fuel tank or maybe the engine will be tuned to push out a bit more torque to overcome any off-road challenges you may encounter.

The mini-GS release date is set to be next year and we could hear more from BMW near the end of this year.
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This is what dreams are made of! I've always wanted a R 1200 GS but there's no way I'm going to pay so much for one. A g310r may not have as much power nor will it be as capable but it's going to be a sort of gateway bike for the GS line. I'm definitely going to wait for the mini GS now.
Smart move on their part by using the well known GS name to go with their more affordable G310R. Kind of validates the G310R ADV as a legitimate but less powerful adventure bike and this segment seems to be booming. There's the GS and the new Africa Twin but not everyone who wants it can afford it, the G310R ADV will be a great alternative for that untapped market.
We'll most likely see a similar beak on the mini GS and heavy duty materials for the fairings and general structure so it can take more of a beating. We can probably assume that BMW will add a set of spoked wheels and long travel suspension.

Also, with it's small size, the mini gs should be more manageable off road than a full sized one and perfect for new adventure riders.
Easier to maneuver and work with when it doesn't weigh as much as the 1200. I'm now debating which g310r variant I want now; sport, adventure or the base g310r.

Adventure is sounding better and better to me.
Think this one will be made in the TVS facility or the assembly plant in Berlin where the GS is being built?
Makes sense to produce it at the TVS factory and all they'll need to do is change a few body panels and other parts. Majority of the platform is still going to be from the g310r. I've just reread the Phil Horton's comment. He said "hopefully" a GS g310r will come in the future, so right now it's still up in the air if it'll go into production or not. We'll have to wait and see how this pans out.
Someone made a rendering of what the Adventure G310R could look like and rushlane published them on their site. They're calling it the BMW F310GS.

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They certainly has the GS beak down and it has similar headlights. If BMW does produce something similar to this, the sub 500cc GS may be a big hit. Only thing off about it is the exhaust which looks to exit the front of the cylinder instead of the G310R's reverse cylinder.
I assume since this is an adventure/touring bike, the gas tank will be larger than the g310r so you can ride for a longer period of time.
You'd probably get an extra bash plate, better seat, ABS as standard and maybe they'll do something to improve fuel economy instead of adding a larger fuel tank.
Can't wait till bike makers start coming out with more electric bikes, right now it's at a slower rate of development, but over time at least that electric power will take away concerns for weight reducing range.

Has anyone heard about BMW getting into electric bike development?
Not that I know of and I doubt they'll come out with one anytime soon since electric motorcycles only appeal to a small subgroup of riders. Right now there's the Zero electric motorcycle but the battery is a huge and ugly block.

Also, may not have enough range for an adventure bike and it's probably harder to charge the thing than carry an extra gallon of gas.
I don't think BMw plans to release an electric motorcycle any time soon even though they have electric cars available. Though they did unveil the eRR electric supersport motorcycle last year but it's far from going into production in a mini GS and the cost of producing one is probably too high.
Won't a battery pack add a lot of weight to a motorcycle? Bikes are supposed to be somewhat light and maneuverable so the thought of a giant battery attached to the bike isn't very tempting.
Why are we talking about battery packs? There is no way BMW will put one in the Mini GS since it's based off the g310r engine which uses gas. I feel like the GS lineup should stay gasoline powered, it's a great adventure bike lineup for BMW and their more well known one. Enthusiasts won't take changes to it lightly.

Just hoping the Mini GS will be as affordable as the g310r but that's highly unlikely given the more expensive adventure parts needed.
The GS Mini will most likely cost more but it shouldn't be by much since I'm sure BMW will use a few low end parts that you won't find in the more powerful GS models.
The starting MSRP will need to be less than $7,995 including ABS. That's the price of the G 650 GS and if the Mini GS is close to that starting price then people may as well go one trim up and get the 650 instead. 1-2k less would be ideal for me.
I assume the g310r is price close to its competitors, in the low to high 5k range. Maybe the Mini GS will be around low to high 6k mark but hopefully in the lower range. It's it's in the high end of 6k, then you may as well go with a new G 650 GS for a little more or a used one for the same price.
If it's supposed to be an entry level GS, I assume they would make a tempting offer. As someone who want's a Mini GS as my first adventure bike, I wouldn't want to pay more than 6k or less.
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