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Cush drive rubbers and other issues.. cold start etc

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Hi all!

Just wanted to enter the forum and add my experience.

Bought a used GS 310 ADVENTURE - just over 2000 miles from new, great tidy condition. Bike was delivered to me from the BMW dealership. UK based.

It arrived and I was excited. Delivery driver left and I went to start it. Nothing. Wouldn't start! Called the dealership (this was supposed to be fully serviced as was sold by the dealer. They said they will return to collect it and take it back to the dealership. I said no I will charge it and persevere! Probably a flat battery. Anyway I managed to get it started after quite a few attempts with no charge.

Got around the first bend into changing up to second. Wouldn't shift. Literally wouldn't shift from first to second gear. Weird. Thought the gearbox has a fault.

Called BMW the second time in the same day. They asked me to persevere for a few days and I said fine. Oddly the battery issue and the shifting rectified itself. Never had anything like this and I have been riding many many years. Tonnes of bikes.

Had the bike for a few months and had intermittent starting issues but I charged the battery on a good trickle charger and it seemed okay. Albeit had these occasional start issues (summer months). Finally after half a year - winter (keeping it trickle charged and using every other day including winter) had to get roadside assistance. It broke down on me. Got from house to destination with no issue but wouldn't start after a good run. Weird.

Roadside tech tested and said the battery is faulty. Needs replacing. He didn't take the bike (BMW told me they would take it if required). He got it started and I had to ride home.

So I reported this to them and also this weird issue with the shifting which would pop up once/twice a month with the shift not letting me change gear.

They have had the bike now for 19/20 days and still no ETA to return it. They wouldn't ship me a battery to change myself and wanted to try and charge me £300 for the battery (£160 approx.) and £70 each way to collect/return (even though they had been to the bike once with the correct van they could have taken it away. I caused a major fuss and said no way are you charging me for this and they did collect it and offer to do the work for 'free' which is hilarious as its still in the warranty they sold with it as I reminded them. Not impressed by this response whatsoever.

So now they tell me the cush drive rubbers are shot. I googled this and found others have had this issue. My other issues they found include something on the wiring loom needed replacing, cush drive rubbers, the chain is going rusty amazingly fast, like nothing I have ever seen - even when lubed up well (piss poor quality parts basically!). They won't swap the battery which I have read loads about being rubbish (OEM) for anything better. I know think I know why the first/one previous owner traded it in.

My experience seems to be that the parts are evidently very cheap and poor quality. Remember it does have a BMW badge on it and as I said to them this is far from BMW reliability. If I have parts failing like this at less than 3000 miles it doesn't lead me to think others will last that long. Not confidence inspiring at all.

My main 'concern' is they are explaining the cush drive rubbers would lock the gears from being able to shift completely if faulty. I think that sounds really 'weird' and that's my main question to everyone. I have had so many bikes and in over 250,000miles of riding I have done loads of my own mech work and NEVER had cush drive rubbers even need replacing let alone even heard of having to do it at such low mileage. Also does it sound right what they are telling me that the weird gear box issue with it completely not shifting from 1st to 2nd - like the engine is seized (it's not but that's the same kind of feeling - total locking of the gear) down to these rubbers. Sounds like BS to me. If the rubbers have failed surely the issue wouldn;t come and go as it has. Feels like a gearbox issue to me. Don't see how these 'dampeners' will literally lock the shifter completely once/twice a month and then free the gears up as normal then do it again later. casual riding. This is not off-roading either. Feel like they are fobbing me off.

Thanks all - great forum :)
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Look closer at the fittings. The Apache comes with a large LCD screen and electronics the BMW lacks…..not the same unit.
Apples to oranges, you have to compare the current Apache it to the inbound BMW G310RR...
This screenshot is from BMW Motorrad - India's website...

Wheel Product Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle


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So the BMW 310r is coming with LCD screen now? And ride modes! And clip on bars. Hazard lights/can turn off headlights!
Huge difference than what been seen on BMW so far. Rumors are true. Thanks Colonel
No, The screenshot I provided above is the RR, not the R - BMW Motorrad India is showing the RR with a TFT. As best as I can tell from the equivalent R and GS pages, the BMW Motorrad India is still showing the R and GS with the current instrument cluster. This is why I told you that rather than getting race version of the 310R from Native Enterprise, I would prefer to get the street legal G310RR. Links...

Oh yeah R vs RR The RR quite like the TVS Apache Is there a release date for North America?
This would sure explain why GS not getting upgraded too. TVS has nothing Quite like it. Their dual sports are powered with different motor.
No North America timeline yet, but given the sunk costs of putting the upgrades in the RR and the ease of transfer to the R and GS, I expect all the RR upgrades to migrate to the R and GS eventually. They have to because the competition in that class is heating up. I'm thinking RR will come to NA in MY 24 and the R and GS get upgraded in MY 25. That would be five years after the 2020 GS upgrade.
...the TVS Apache has a better spec than the near identical BMW RR (according to Autocar India).
Not that it matters here in the US since the Apache isn't available, but I'm curious, in what way is the Apache "better spec" than the BMW RR?
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I spoke to what we have in UK - citizens Advice - They explained the law for consumers with this specific issue I have had from day one and said I have full legal right to reject the bike.
I made the decision to do this today. So they are now discussing it and I am waiting on response.
Glad to hear you have this option and that you've taken it. I would have too in your situation. At this point, given your need for a reliable commuter, I would find a dealer with a sterling reputation near you and buy the bike they have that comes closest to meeting your needs. Thoughts from the peanut gallery: My BMW dealer is also a KTM dealer - most of their mechanics ride KTMs. A friend of mine has a KTM 390 and she loves it for on- and off-road. Noraly, aka Itchy Boots on Youtube, has been riding a Honda CRF300 Rally, first from South America to the top of Alaska and now in Morocco on her way in/around/through northern/western Africa. P.S. She did run with her chain too tight necessitating a engine rebuild to replace the bent output shaft, so maintain the proper slack on your chain. Good hunting and let us know what you end up with.
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Not suggesting they are the same but based on core components to include the vitals such as engine, transmission, brakes, forks and wheels. As to the electronics, the ECU could well be different to enable the engine to meet US and EU emission regulations. The dash will of course be different, as will the styling to separate TVS from BMW. Had to chuckle at BMW describing the LED headlight on the RR as safe and convenient. I wonder if it helps you see where you are going at night. The RR is the same under the skin as what we already have, AKA badge engineering.
Yes and no. Just like the S1000RR and S1000XR I have, and the S1000R I don't have, I would expect the G310RR, R, and GS ECU and TFT hardware to be the same while the programming would be unique to each bike's purpose and the badge on the bike, BMW or TVS.
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