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I added a Denali Soundbomb Mini to my 2018 G 310 GS. I took some video on the sound of the Soundbomb Mini compared to the stock horn. I also included some extra parts I used to install it. I bought the standard Soundbomb Mini (SBM), not the BMW specific horn, because I read that the 310 was not compatible with the BMW SBM. It was easy to set up. The horn instructions said polarity doesn't matter. So, you don't have to worry about finding the power/ground wires. One bit not to overlook: somewhere in the instructions it said to make sure to use the metal bracket that came with it, and not to attach directly to the frame because it would interfere with the sound.

Here is the link to where I bought it at Revzilla:
Denali Soundbomb Mini Horn - RevZilla

Here's a link to my video of the comparison and installation comments. Note: I don't have any professional video/editing skills, so it's a pretty amateur video.

In all, I think it's worth the extra $30 US to have the additional horn for the extra sound and the deeper tone.
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