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EatSleepRide G310R Review

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Yet another new G310R review here.

This was good to read:

"With the comfortable seating position and unnoticeable seat, I could cruise around at about 120 km/h with a top speed of 145 km/h, add the bags and a multi-day trip would be easy-peasy. Not only that but the suspension is awesome."

and this:

"On the freeway, the engine felt a bit vibrate-y at speed but I quickly realized I was in the wrong gear by glancing at the dash. Once I upshifted, there was enough reserve power for passing."
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This piece was crucial for me lol. Vertically challenged is a problem here as well but it felt great to read that.

Meanwhile back to the ride. Throwing a leg over immediately infused me with confidence. My 5-foot-4-inch (1.6 m) frame felt in control at the 785 mm (30.9-inch) seat height, which by the way, is about 30 mm (1-inch) lower than what you get on the S1000R and about 15 mm (half-inch) lower than my Street Triple.
You can opt for a lowered 760 mm (29.9-inch) seat height for an added cost too, but with a bit of a shoe lift for the vertically challenged, I don’t see why you’d need it.
I feel like that'll be me with the G 310 GS, just feeling it vibrate before realizing I was at the top end of a gear. Also, this bit of new tech in the G310 line has won me over.

I have a habit of bad shifting, turning the engine off in-gear at stop lights and downshifting into the wrong gear. The G310R took all my abuse gracefully.
Stalling at lights is one of my greatest fears even though it's normal for it to happen to new riders. I'd rather not and it sounds like the G310R has some kind of failsafe for that.
I'm not too sure if they meant it as it was a failsafe and stopped him from doing those bad things, or that it just took all of those things and didn't break anything
Assuming that turning the engine off in gear means that they stall in first gear, the G 310 GS may be more forgiving if you're one to let go of the clutch too fast.
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