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Engine starter doesn't work.

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Hello guys,

I have a G310R 2019 with 13000 km.

For this winter, I have an issue with my engine starter. During the first issue, I had normal cold start issues. After 3-4 pushing, the bike generally starts, but nothing. I try to recharge the battery, nothing again. But, the engine starter listened "slow". I followed some solutions for cold start issues an I put a Lithium Battery. Engine starter turn faster but with strange noise or it can be just stuck (fuel pump turn but nothing).
After, I had an idea and I put some hit with a harmer on the starter. And the bike fired !

And this is my only solution to start the bike, so I will change it.
But my bike has no longer the warranty and the OEM part is expensive (but easy to change)
I found starter on Aliexpress for 60-80€. What do you think about this solution? Do you already try this kind of parts ?

Aliexpress Link

Thank you very much !
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Thank you very much guys.

I put all new Aliexpress starter and it's perfect. My bike starts better when it was news. I need to follow that in the time.
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