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Engine starter doesn't work.

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Hello guys,

I have a G310R 2019 with 13000 km.

For this winter, I have an issue with my engine starter. During the first issue, I had normal cold start issues. After 3-4 pushing, the bike generally starts, but nothing. I try to recharge the battery, nothing again. But, the engine starter listened "slow". I followed some solutions for cold start issues an I put a Lithium Battery. Engine starter turn faster but with strange noise or it can be just stuck (fuel pump turn but nothing).
After, I had an idea and I put some hit with a harmer on the starter. And the bike fired !

And this is my only solution to start the bike, so I will change it.
But my bike has no longer the warranty and the OEM part is expensive (but easy to change)
I found starter on Aliexpress for 60-80€. What do you think about this solution? Do you already try this kind of parts ?

Aliexpress Link

Thank you very much !
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I’ll second the Colonel. Often starter woes are just a lack of grease and abundance of grime. Disassembling, clean and inspect, lube will fix many a starter.
However. There is a chance you’ve the early version of one way clutch the starter motor turns.
Banging could free the stuck one way. I’d advise remove starter and inspect closely. Clean and lube. Or replace with Ali baba starter, cheap enough.
Try again. Hopefully your all done then.
If not, search this site, lots info on starter clutch failure and how to proceed. If not pretty tech savvy, you’ll have to seek a pro. No need for dealer if out of warrant.
May the force be with you.
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