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Hi everyone,

So I had finally made the decision to pick up a new G310R but then this whole kickstand issue came up.

So while i wait, i thought i might as well ask to see if the quotes I got are fair or is there room for negotiation. I am in Burlington, Ontario Canada and got quotes from a bunch of dealers in Ontario. Got some from Montreal and Ottawa also but decided not to pursue those as the price is lower initially but then other cost bring it back up to the local prices.

The average OTD price i have is approximately $6800 and the best one i got was $6500 (<-This one seems the one to pounce on).

Out of all the dealers i contacted only one told me about the recall on their own and some even kept pushing for me to "come on in and take one home". And once i asked about it, some confirmed it and some i never heard back from.

So the question is: Are those fair prices? What did you recently pay? And if you feel like it, any dealership (Ontario) experiences you want to share?

Extra Info regarding kickstand recall that i got from dealers:

  • June 20th: "Currently there is an outstanding recall on all G310R and G310GS models. It could be 4 to 6 weeks before this is completed. Until that time, we are unable to sell any G310 models."
  • I then confirmed with other dealerships that there was a recall and stop delivery.
  • June 23rd: New shipments on the way that do not have the kickstand issue, so should be about 2 weeks. (trying to find out if that means it was a certain batch or was it resolved very quickly)
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