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Today I had the first service done. Nothing needed doing apart from the oil, oil filter and general check. I found a really pleasant BMW dealer
in York:Barrie Robson - Authorised BMW Motorrad Retailer - York
Neil the service manager explained and answered all my questions. Lovely cup of free coffee and really pleasant and friendly staff. met some other BM owners and admired the multitude of bikes on display. Man that GS1200 is a beautiful machine, but to be honest, I would find it difficult to choose from the many bikes on display. Neil is a 310GS owner as is some of the other staff. yes a really pleasant morning, and the cost?.. Just under £125 ($178.55 US) (229.81 Aus) (224.16 Can).
A dealer who I shall definitely be returning to.

Just had mine done this weekend at Morton's (East Coast Virginia) - Feels MUCH better with fresh oil and break-in adjustments. $200USD - Seems a bit much, but whatever...

Got to play on a NineT Pure while I waited. Will be my next bike along side the G.
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