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When got back from 400 miles of fun, about half off-road and about half of that in wet conditions, my seat would not come off when I turned the key. I got it off by sitting on it, turning the key and pulling up.

As I disassembled my way to find the problem, it became apparent that the OEM rack feeds dirt through an opening in the R&G tail tidy directly into and filling the catch mechanism that holds the seat locked in place. Once I cleaned out and re-lubricated the catch mechanism, everything worked normally.

To prevent future occurrences, I used "duct tape" to close off the opening in the R&G tail tidy and the OEM rack's scoop opening.

Note, all these pictures were taken after the bike was carefully and completely washed.

OEM rack's scoop opening...
Gas Automotive exterior Metal Auto part Composite material

Dirt built up outside R&G tail tidy opening...
Hood Light Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper

Dirt built up inside the R&G tail tidy opening...
Motor vehicle Gas Auto part Automotive exterior Nut

R&G tail tidy opening after cleanup and before being closed with tape...
Automotive tire Camera accessory Bicycle part Bumper Rim

R&G tail tidy opening closed off with tape...
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive design Automotive exterior

With OEM rack reinstalled..
Light Toy Automotive lighting Red Rim

With OEM rack opening closed off with tape...
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Vehicle Motor vehicle

R&G tail tidy side view...
Automotive parking light Tire Land vehicle Fuel tank Wheel
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