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Which Variant Are You More Interested In

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  • G310 GS

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G310 GS or R

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As per the last thread, @EvryDayRide suggested we have a poll to see which of the two variants beginner riders will attracted to... So here it is 0:)
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GS for me. :) If I didn't already have the MSX I'd have the R however.
Thanks for taking the plunge ! I'll be going for the R though, just more in tune with the styling preferences I have and I really don't need a more off-roadish variant.
As nice as the GS is, I just won't have the time to put it to full use outside of the city and go for long adventure rides. The R is more fitting for what I plan to use it for and it's definitely going to be more affordable than the GS model.
I want the GS for the simple fact that it's more versatile than the R model. If I ever decide to take it on a long trip or off road, I'll have the option to do so, but the same can't be said for the R model.
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G vs gs

I don't believe the GS is worth the extra money or weight penalty. As for wind protection, I figure neither model was designed for long distance high speed touring. I think the Kawa Versys 300 woild be better for cruising to a destination. The adventure bike craze reminds me of SUV's that are styling exercises
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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