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G310R Based Sport Bike Revealed

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TVS Motor Company showcased the G310R based, fully faired concept sport bike today at the 2016 Auto Expo in New Delhi and RushLane has got the scoop on it. Its name? The Akula 310, Akula meaning shark in Russian.

A fitting name since the fairing is designed to include gill-vents for temperature control. Other features includes aluminum trellis sub frame, racing suspension, RAM air induction, carbon fiber and aluminum components. Note that these goodies are on the concept model but they could make their way onto the production model as the TVS Akula 310 will be inspired by this concept bike.

Under the exterior sits a race tuned 310 cc single cylinder engine but you won’t be seeing this race spec engine in the production variant. What you’ll be getting is the same engine used in the BMW G310R, a 313cc, single-cylinder, oil-cooled engine with a 6 speed gearbox. The max power output produced by BMW G310R is 34bhp at 9,500rpm with a maximum torque of 21 ft lb at 7,500rpm. You could be seeing the same or similar numbers for the Akula 310.

For those who are interested and living in India, TVS plans to launch the production ready Akula 310 early next year.
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The front cowl looks odd. Probably because it's lacking headlights.
The front cowl looks odd. Probably because it's lacking headlights.
Even if it had headlights that wouldn't change it much at all. You can already sort of imagine how it'll be incorporated in.
Seems to also have the same suspensions and brakes as the BMW G310R. Going to be interesting to see what they retain from the concept model in the production model. Think they're going to start production near the end of the year so we should see it before then.
So this company just bought the rights from BMW so that they can use BMW's engine in their own bike?
Now, thinking about what else can make its way into production, those gill-vents seem doable, too easy not to do although they're said to serve a real function. Much easier to carry over that than anything else on the concept.
So this company just bought the rights from BMW so that they can use BMW's engine in their own bike?
More of a shared engine. BMW produces the g310r in the TVS plant and TVS probably benefited from the deal with the engine and the income from the g310r being produced there.
So they have joint ownership of the plant and produce both bikes there, and they both use the same engine?

makes total sense for the plant. That gives them do much extra stuff to do, and they can be efficient at it too.
Only makes sense when starting production on this scale, they're smart to not jump right into spending more than they need on production infrastructure.
Probably saved a lot by sharing an engine even if the Akula body is different.
Indeed, there's a lot of time and money invested in to R&D of engines and major components like that since as you can imagine that's far more complex than just some static part. However, there's a chance they might have made refinements to the engine, as that's something typically done.
TVS says 60% of the akula concept will make it into production so it could very well look very similar to the shark body you see now. What do you guys think it'll go up against? Most likely the Kawasaki Ninja 300.
Found a close up look at the Akula and it's RaceSpec chassis. Thought the UK company was more of a accessories and parts supplier, didn't know they made chassis as well.
Anyone know anything about their chassis?
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First time i'm hearing of it but since it does compete in the same space as the KTM Duke RC390, surely they'll make sure its up to par with it and even exceeds it. Should be a number of similarities.
It'll need to be able to handle a beating if it's going up against the KTM RC390. That body is a beast.
Well the body is a small portion of what one needs to factor in with these especailly as they are performance models that have customers more concerned with performance over anything. How they compare on paper will be high on the list.
Yea, but to compete with the KTM the RaceSpec chassis will need to be as sturdy along with good performance.
Now that you say chassis, indeed, that's another essential core for it to perform well. I think more and more bike makers are placing more focus on that area these days, or at least we should see them doing so in the future. Car makers have done it, cost just needs to come down for biker makers to take action for volume products.
Well, I think that bike makers are trying to make chassis that can be modulated to be the foundation of multiple bikes.
Don't think any g310r variants would be modular. BMW already has the Nine T and wouldn't a modular bike be more expensive?
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