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G310r By TT Big Bike Design

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I'm usually not fond of a whole lot of colours and designs but this actually does look pretty darn good. Reminds me of something you would see racing around a track. I do like their logo too come to think about it

Thoughts ??

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That's a bit too excessive for me. It does look cool but just too much for my personal preference I think. It's really in your face lol.
TT Big Bike Design managed to make the G310r look like a very aggressive bike, more than the 300cc it really is. They should just sell the fairing as a set for anyone who wants the look. Does the R stand for more power?
I think the R comes from the name of the bike ... the R I think stands for "roadster" because the G310R is supposed to embody the presence of a BMW roadster.. That's what I read at least lol
Is that just an aesthetic upgrade or did they make modifications to the standard bike's performance?
Doubt they did much to the performance, if any changes were made at all. they Should just sell that wrap design in various colors and I'm sure they'll have plenty of buyers. Maybe in the BMW blue.
I don't think they did any performance upgrades at all. Strictly a wrap or graphix as they would say. It would be cool if they had that same design in different colours for the people that would like something like that. It does make it look a bit more aggressive than a typical 300cc does look.
If they left the wheels alone then maybe it will look better but overall it's just overkill, don't know what people think sometimes when coming up with these. Plus how often do you see riders go crazy with their bikes like this? Often it's just changes that complement its original design and color scheme, or just something that really resonates with the bike and brand. This just doesn't. Nice try.

Oh and odds are it's just photoshop.
More so for people that take them to shows and meets. They always have some crazy flashiness going on. Possibly for some motocrossing or something ?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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