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Hello all, I sold my G310R and have these parts for sale. This is USA only and Continental US48 states. Shipping is extra, $20 for each item, if you buy both, shipping will just be $20. I am located in Fort Worth Texas.

First item $150 plus shipping (USA Only)
Used BMW G310R luggage rack mounting kit by Hepco & Becker part number 630.6501 00 01 that was removed from my 2018 BMW G310R. This has added 1" square tubbing that allowed me to use the G310GS top luggage rack, so this will work on a G301GS with those. You can remove these and add shorter bolts that I will include for the G310R model. There is no custom hacking of the original Hepco & Becker C-Bow mount bracket. All mounting hardware included for the G310R or G310GS as it mounts in the same location.
The G310GS part number for reference only is 630.6507 00 01. Please note that this was used on a BMW G310R with the G310GS luggage rack, but I originally had the standard G310 handles and later added the GS rack and had to add these 1" spacer, so it should work just fine on a GS.

Second Item $150 plus shipping (USA Only)
This is a used BMW G310GS luggage rack that I had on my G310R, so it will work with no modification. Just remove the smaller handles, rear cover and use the existing fasteners. As noted, this is used so there are a few scuffs and marks, the most noticeable ones are seen in the images.







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