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G310R Production Has Begun

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The TVS factory in India has started producing the G310R! I guess that means they're going to start stockpiling a lot of completed G310R so every dealer will have some on hand when it finally goes on sale in October.
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Still think there's gonna be a shortage and waiting period for them when they come out.
I guess most, if not all of the g310r being produced from now until the sales date will be sold in India because that's their targeted market. Everyone else may still have to wait a while even if TVS is stockpiling them right now.
Exactly.. the dealer markup should be interesting as well. Considering I'm sure it'll be very limited to dealers here in NA, the markup will be up there
Best thing to do is wait. There's always that high chance for a mark up on a new product like this. If you can wait, wait. Sometimes some people need a bike so bad that the extra they're paying doesn't matter that much.
Waiting is definitely what I'll be doing. Don't mind waiting 6-10 months at least, by that time it won't be as bad markup or I may even find a pre-owned one
I doubt the dealers will mark up g310r prices, it's going to be a large volume model and it's not a limited edition. It may be new but it won't be marked up.

Only thing you need to worry about is when your dealer will be getting one.
Waiting may actually give people on a budget a second hand g310r after the riding season. This isn't the most powerful bike and new riders may want to move up after one season on it. Seen it happen before with a 300CC model.
I've actually started noticing a trend where people are downsizing actually
If you're referring to the 125cc bikes that people seem to be going nuts for, those people usually have a more powerful bike in their garage on top of the fun ones.
I've seen a few people buy them just for a commuter vehicle to get them from home to work and that's about it. They take their bigger bikes that they have for joy rides and what not
There was an interesting article in the NY Times today about the effects of Narendra Modi's imposed cash shortage in India, and how it has affected the workers there. This sentence, about India's largest motorcycle manufacturer, caught my eye:

"As is common in India, the workers said that although they had worked on Hero MotoCorp’s shop floor, wearing company uniforms, they had been formally employed by other contractors, meaning they could be let go more easily without benefits."

This got me to thinking that it may be the smart move to buy from the first batch of G310GSs that roll off TVS's "BMW-only" assembly line. Sooner or later, all of those "BMW-trained" workers at TVS could be replaced by contractors with no specialized knowledge or skills. And quality will likely suffer.

I know that buying the first year of any vehicle is normally considered risky. But since BMW has designed all of the major components on the bike, including the engine, and is overseeing the manufacturing, any issues that crop up initially are more likely to be with the design, and not the assembly. Later on, when you'd hope they have the design issues worked out, and all of BMW's overseers are back home in Spandau, sloppy assembly seems a likelier risk.

I bought the first year F800GS, and yes, there were a few minor recalls. But all of them were handled by my dealer in the course of normal service intervals. I never had to make a special trip to get anything fixed, and I never had a ride interrupted.
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They could get replaced by people with no specialized knowledge or skill set but there's still a quality control standard that'll have to get cleared. I doubt it could really be that bad, but that being said.. worst case scenario, take it back to the dealer?
Yeah, with a first year bike I would expect there to be a few things to get sorted out. I just hope it won't be anything too onerous.
I assumed TVS would be hiring more employees and retaining its current workers thanks to BMW investing into the plant for the G310 models production. That's two high volume models and weren't there supposed to be a third fully faired one too?

But the contractor situation has me thinking about getting it in the first year of production too.
Considering the top piece there says they could be let go more easily, I think it just plays into their ease of cutting back if they really need to. I doubt we really have anything to worry about in regards to build quality
being a segment of bike that while lucrative and growing, its still unsure if BMW can pave their way through it and stand out.
so its just a matter of them testing and adjusting.
fortunately being in the position we're in we'll see one end of the growth go on.
I really have no doubt that they won't be able to stand out. BMW has always excelled at standing out and I think this is just another segment they're going to make an impact in.
I just saw on one of the G310R youtube videos, maybe from Germany (?), that production was delayed because of transmission issues during manufacture. BMW had to step in and correct it, so all should be well now.
That's concerning since the transmission controls the gear shifts. Were there any specifics as to the problem?
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