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G310R Specs Are Out And India Is Missing

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BMW’s official motorrad site has updated its G310R page to include the sub 500cc model’s technical data but oddly enough, the list of markets where the G310R will be sold at does not have India listed.

It is odd that the country where the G310R is being produced is missing; maybe it’s just a coding error and that blank square is where India is supposed to appear. Most likely, the 313 cc bike will be sold in India since the TVS Group's plant is located in Hosur, Karnataka and production has already begun.

Undercutting the KTM Duke 390, Kawasaki Z300 and Yamaha MT-03, BMW’s first sub 500cc motorcycle will be powered by a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine and paired with a 6-speed transmission for an output of 34 PS at 9,500 rpm and 28 Nm of torque at 7,500 rpm. A maximum speed of 143 km/h is fast enough for freeway riding when needed and even though the G310R requires super unleaded fuel with a minimum octane rating of 95 RON, you won’t be constantly stopping at gas stations with a fuel consumption rating of 3.33L/100km and a 11L fuel tank.

Ride height shouldn’t be a problem for most since the seat height while unladen is just 785 mm, around 31 inches. Also, if you plan to go touring with the vehicles, there’s plenty of payload allowance for you and your luggage (186,5 kg). That’s after subtracting the bike’s own weight while fully fueled from the total permitted weight.

You can see the full list of specs here: BMW Motorrad International
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The website is real funky. When you click the link it just takes you to the homepage index thing so you actually have to travel to the motorcycle, select the G310R, and then technical specs.

Nonetheless, they're there !
Maybe the G310R is on the TVS site for some reason and that's why BMW isn't showing India on their site?
Maybe the G310R is on the TVS site for some reason and that's why BMW isn't showing India on their site?
Nope, just checked their site... nothing on there about the G310R
It might just not be launched in India for this year or not just right away. Usually they'll include what's been confirmed and something they can stand by. India being another growing bike market perfect for the G310R, there's no reason why BMW should be missing out for the whole production run.
That's weird though.. isn't it being made IN India ? It would make more sense if they were the first ones to get it
Maybe TVS and BMW has an agreement of some kind and have the Akula launch in India first? They do share a lot of parts between the two models, maybe TVS doesn't want the g310r to take away from their Akula sales?
That would make sense. The Akula 310 is a sibling to the BMW G 310 R and if they come out in the same market at the same time, they may be in direct competition with each other.

I don't doubt that people may decide to go with the Akula if it looks like this.
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But we've seen the g310r being tested in India before the list was published. I would assume that the g310r will be sold there under the BMW brand while the Akula is sold under the TVS marque. Sure they'll compete but there should be enough buyers there to satisfy both companies.
I just wish it had a center mount exhaust since the rest of it looks good and to me side mount exhaust systems like that just don't support a 'good' look.
A center mount would really clean this up a lot. It'll also make that back end look a lot more aggressive I think
would an underslung exhaust look weird on the g310r? They generally make a bike's lines look cleaner by centering everything.
I think it'll look pretty good. I'm really not too fond of the way the exhaust is stock to be honest. I think anything else would work lol
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