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G310R Warranty

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Will anyone be getting extended warranty for their g310r? Just wondering if it's worth it or not and if OEM parts are expensive to replace if anything goes wrong.
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We get a standard 3-year / 36,000 mile warranty term, I only plan on riding this around for a year... year and a half at most. MAYBE push it to 2. So no.

If you plan on owning beyond that then extended warranty is the way to go. Some people get stuck in situations where full engine rebuilds are required. Better safe than sorry.
No point if you plan to keep it for only 1-2 years. It'll still be under warranty unless your an avid rider who may pass the 36,00 miles mark before 3 years.
Indeed, anything beyond the original term and you'll want to get the extended warranty. But when in doubt it might be a good idea to still get it. Chances are come time to sell it'll be easier to move and get more money.
BMW warranties are transferable when you sell it to someone else?
From what i heard BMW provides warranty no matter which owner you are, whether you're the 2nd, 3rd, or whatever.
Will it add to the resale value if I got the warranty and transferred it to the new owner? Or let them deal with it themselves?
Will it add to the resale value if I got the warranty and transferred it to the new owner? Or let them deal with it themselves?
With the factory warrant there's nothing to do.
But 3rd party warranties... chances are that's where you have to dust off the paperwork you've been keeping.
You can probably get BMW extended warranty and skip the third party.
That is indeed the way to go, especailly for those thinking they might want to sell it later, one more incentive for someone else to buy it over another G310R.
Most likely BMW warranty is better. Heard horror stories of 3rd party warranty providers not covering what they're supposed to or trying their best to find loopholes.
Well you should always go with OEM warranty when ever you can.
Typically aftermarket warranties are for terms of ownership that is beyond what manufacture warranties allow.
Also depends on your dealership too. Some dealerships will do their best to make sure you're compensated but some won't make the effort.
I wonder if appearance modifications may cause the warranty become invalid ?
I'm thinking of removing/painting the wheel/side shield.
- Thanks
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