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Germany Pricing And Release Date

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Heads up for anyone looking to buy the g310r in Germany.

The BMW G 310 R will be launched in October in Germany and it'll cost you 4,750 Euro. This was confirmed by Sabrina of the BMW Motorrad Team.

The other markets will follow afterwards.
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Thanks for posting pricing. On Germany streets this should do well, it's one of those world market bikes that are versatile enough to do well in a number of markets rather than just a few.

Can't wait for reviews from German publications to start rolling in.
Going to be a while before we see reviews from Germany since it's going to hit the market in October. Since the release is going to take place in Germany and India on October, maybe the rest of Europe will see the g310r at dealerships at in October too.
That's roughly converted to 5325.63 USD but you'll most likely see a higher cost if you take into account the shipping fees.
Freight, admin fees, and all the other ridiculous taxes and fees we have down here -.-"
Is that a good price in Euro for the g310r? Or a bit above everyone's budget with a sub 500cc bike?
I'm sure BMW will take into account the currency differences. We're just directly converting it which may not necessarily be the formal they use. I think $6-7k is a good price point.
Directly converting it is almost never an accurate way to judge price. Probably best to look at the difference in price by percentage and then do the math for other markets to figure out what it could be, going by percent.
Sub $7k USD would be ideal. Spending anything more than that and you're open to a lot more variety of bikes.
Indeed and for some it might just be worth pushing to spend a bit more although it does come down to what you really need and want so it could actually turn out to be the case someone could go lower. Bike segments are developing and I wouldn't be surprised if there will soon be something that could take away some potential G310R buyers.
Here's the prices and they're converted to USD.

Germany €4,750 ($5,265)
Switzerland CHF5,350 ($5,460)
UK £4,290 ($5,730)

This should give everyone an idea on what the g310r could cost elsewhere.
That's some really fair pricing, what did the reviewers used to say ? I don't think they were too far off at all
The reviewers were in the $5,500 ballpark so yes, they were definitely within range. I think that's a really good price for what you're getting though but now we just need to factor in accessories and regional taxes and what not. Still, I'm thinking sub $9k ?
Definitely sub 9k unless you plan to add every accessory under the sun. Not sure how much shipping fees are but let's say additional fees are $1k, making the g310r around $6.5k. That leaves plenty for accessories and mods and most people won't hit the 9k mark.
$6,500 seems like a reasonable price. Is it enough to compete with its competitors?
I think the only thing more expensive in this general area would be the YZF-R3 ?
Bot surprised that the YZF-R3 costs, more. It looks like a more powerful sportbike than the listed 321cc engine.
Definitely, and it I think that it appeals to a different market as well though
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