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Fitted this recently. Givi Rear Carrier. Model SR5125.
I chose this because it looked neat and discrete and I wanted
a carrier that would allow me to use my existing top box
and plate. Also, I get to keep the existing grab rails.
Fitting, took me about an hour (garage was freezing) so
I kept going in the house for a warm.
Difficulty- Easy, all instructions are provided etc.
The only fiddly bit is when you come to attach the
right or left hand side rack you have to put the new bolts
through the rack and the grab rails while screwing the bolt in.
Tip: When loosening the two bolts holding the grab rails,
leave one in on a couple of threads, and then insert the firdt of the
supplied longer bolt to secure the rack and the rail, Then take the original
bolt out and insert the second supplied longer bolt.
Of course you do this for both sides.
hers some pics


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Good pics, looks nice and secure as well.
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