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Good to meet more BME enthusiasts like me from around the globe

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Good to meet more BMW enthusiasts from around the globe

Hello Friends around the world...

I'm so delighted to join on this Forum and really happy to know you all.

I just live 2 digit miles away from the Manufacturing plant of this bike.

I like to thank BMW for connecting us together, Irrespective of race, gender, sex and age.

BMW G301R - Is really keeping everyone busy talking about it around the globe.

I'm a die hard fan of BMW motors and though I'm not a great followers of the latest news still I always had dream of owing a BMW.

This is going to be my first bike to be bought as New as I always wanted to own a new BMW.

Now I'm glad that G310R is going to be in market very soon. Can't wait enough to own and enjoy this excellent machine.

I read most of the review and mostly everyone has praised about this product.

This could be the typical roadster for Indian road condition which could give enough speed, riding pleasure and safety.

I'm confidant of Brand Name and would be very proud to own one soon.

Concluding with the statement "Make Life a Ride" - Enjoy the bike, ride happy, stay safe, & "Always Wear Helmet".

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Welcome to the forum! If you live near the plant than I can only assume that you're from India as that's there the TVS plant is. I think you'll be one of the first people to get the g310r before BMW ships them worldwide!
Welcome to the forums Mo ! Can definitely tell you're a real enthusiast, seems like you speak with a lot of passion. This is also going to be my first bike and I'm super excited as well :)

Are you able to speak to your dealers about ordering yet ?
Thank you Sidewinder. Unfortunately I was not able to get an update on the launch date until few days back. BMW Mottorad had commented on twitter stating it will be available from March and tried contacting locally and they have said it will available from Spring 2017.

Below is the comment I got from their facebook page BMW G 310 R.

"the G310r will launch in most global markets and India in Spring 2017. If anything, India could be one of the first."
Thank you Everyday, I work and live in Bangalore, the plant is just 30 miles away. It will be available worldwide during Spring 2017.
Welcome and please keep us informed of when you get your bike as well as your thoughts on it, i am waiting patiently here in Texas for them to release it.
I believe the wait won't last any longer than March/April 2017 around the globe. BMW intend to release worldwide during that time.
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The g310r is said to go on sale in India during the March to May period, if it's a global release then we should be seeing them everyone within that span of time too.
Rights, that's the plan... Exactly for the same reason why it is delayed.
Hopefully we get it a bit after them since say with a few month of it on Indian roads we'll get enough feedback to know if its actually a product built well or not.

Initial months usually show most of the concerning flaws.
I would give it up to 6 months or so just to see what bugs and kinks there are out there that need to be fixed and worked out. Hopefully we don't see anything too serious.
Hopefully that sort of patience won't be needed.

Biggest thing to look out for is when and where it launches, which might give you an early look at what to expect and look at how BMW is following up on issues. How they follow up and deal with issues, along with what those issues are IS what's really interesting to me.
Shouldn't be too big of a problem and if something pops up, you'll have the factory warranty to cover it. Bringing the bike to your dealer is going to be a pain in the neck, but that's pretty much it.

I'd rather wait a bit so I don't have to deal with the hassle, but factory problems are covered and repairs should cost you nothing.
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