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Hello everybody. :smile2:
Nice to see the G310R forum.

I have bought this motorcycle as a replacement after a big accident, pushed on the highway from behind by a car. :eek:

Recovering will take one year.
(All bones in the right arm have been broken completely, knee, finger, hip, and minor brain damage)
(Titanium will loose its power, so the bones MUST grow sufficient)

[deleted pictures due to postcount :grin2: ]

But I am riding on the road after only four weeks!
Three days have past with the G310R @150 km and I like the bike a lot.
On twisty roads it really has a good performance.

[deleted pictures due to postcount :grin2: ]

As you can see I also own an S1000R, but I use that bike mainly on the racetrack. :D

I hope to read you soon!

Pictures added in the Drag and Drop File Upload


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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