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I passed my test in Sept 21 and bought my G310R. I did over 1000 miles in the first three weeks. Realising that with a 5k PCP I would have to cut back a bit I bought a 1978:R60/7. By the time the G310R went for its annual service it was on 4800 miles while I had done another 3600 miles on the R60.
I've got a '76 R60/6. Super smooth and stops as fast as it goes. I also have cruiser pegs on mine, the cylinders, hardly any heat off of them! My wife had a '77 R60/7 with 11,000 miles when we bought it!

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Only complaint is after the 10k service I did I can't turn the service light off! Bike has 11,419 on it now.
You need a reader such as...

OBDLink LX OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for Android and Windows ($90):

...combined with the Professional version of the MotoScan for BMW Motorcycles App ($30).

P.S. If you're using miles as in "10K" miles for the service you did, you were either 4,000 miles late for the 6,000 mile service or 2,000 miles early for the 12,000 mile service. If you were using km, what were you doing in Idaho? ;)

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