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A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to go back in time to my earliest days of cycling .
I’m my case that was late 1960’s up to 1972.
I owned too many motorcycles to list here starting with small Honda’s all the way up to
a Norton Commando.
My favorite bikes of the bunch were the Yamaha
DT 250, 360 and a 400 enduro.
These bikes were light, fast and fun.
All day cruising the beach and right back out at night fun.
I decided I wanted to buy a bike that had been
Fully restored like new. The search was years long and I was growing tired of chase.
I’m also a BMW car enthusiast owning a 1972
Bmw 2002 . This is what exposed me to
The G320r .
I love this bike and it is a time machine
Light, fast and fun just like back in 1971

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I’m driving beamers since 1980.
My last one was a F800ST and from one second to another, I sold this bike.
I was not interested in riding motorcycles anymore ......
Then, for my wife, I bought a 125 motor scooter (Honda pcx 125) but she did not liked it.
I started to use the scooter and liked the weight and the way it handled.
After a while I started to miss some extra power and started to look for a heavier bike / scooter.
Being a bmw rider I looked for the new 310 and waited al these extra months (year).
Now i’m very happy with the G310R and the weight is perfect and the power more then enough.
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