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I'm due a G310R test ride

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Hi folks. I'm brand new to this forum. My dealer (Vines) has invited me to a test ride on Tuesday 18 April (just after Easter) having put a deposit down for a G310R earlier in the year. Fingers crossed it will be there, as I've been hunting for an actual launch date in the UK for a while.
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Welcome to the forum! I'm guessing the test G310R will be shipped to your dealer by Sunday if you can test ride it after the Eater holiday. Did Vines give you a delivery date for your bike?
Great pictures and ti looks like the weather is perfect for riding! Have you broken it in yet?

Fairing pieces can be replaced, but painting a tank is a pain in the behind so that may warrant some kind of protection.
Depends on the rider's level of comfort, I know mine will have some pretty juicy chicken strips for a long time. But it shouldn't be too hard for someone more confident than me to scrub away those chicken strips since the g310r is so agile.
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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