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Hello again fellow riders! I hope if you are reading this you are doing well and looking forward to getting back to normal soon. It was a little more than a year ago when my bikes journey began. I have made a lot of progress on the bike recently and figured it was time to update my post.

After seeing another post on here I upgraded the headlight and parking bulbs. Worked wonders for night time visibility. I am planning on installing some Aux lighting soon.
Last summer I ordered a cheap pair of hand guards off amazon. Being from china, and the whole pandemic thing, shipping took a few months. By the time they had arrived it was almost the end of the season and I considered sending them back. The hand guards are slightly bulky and I was unsure how I felt about them at first, but after riding with them they are great. For me I enjoy how they protect from wind and debris. Living in Ohio the temperature is all over the place and hard to plan for. The amount of warmth they provide by screening the hands from wind is fairly noticeable. With the stock windshield there seemed to be more wind on the rider, leading me to installing a Puig windscreen. The clearance is pretty good from lock to lock only hitting slightly on the left (this may be due to the placement of my controls). To match the hand guards I choose the light smoke option from Puig. I think they complement each other nicely.


Next up was the BIG one...
After visiting a huge local car show I got to thinking... this thing needs to be a little louder. :LOL:
There are surprisingly a lot of options for exhausts on the G310s, but I went with Akrapovic. was having a double zilla bucks weekend which made me pull the trigger. This way the reward dollars I earned from the exhaust purchase would almost pay for the heat shield. I wasn't sure if I would need the heat shield but after getting the exhaust installed it seems like a good idea. If the rider puts their right leg down the pipe is right there and if the bike leans at all... boom.

(Stock) for comparison, which was slightly damaged


Akrapovic Exhaust (carbon/carbon)






Sound is great Exhaust sound @ 93 db +7 from stock

The next thing I am considering is the rear tire hugger. This would really clean up the look with the exhaust. Its what they use in all of their reference pics.

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