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The International GS Trophy takes place every two years in various locations around the world and this year, BMW has chosen Mongolia as their proving grounds.

An event to forge lasting friendships and tackle tough challenges on a BMW GS, teams from all around the world with member from all walks of life gather to duke it out for 7 days through various challenges and terrains. It’s a test of strength and those who want to take part has to go through qualifying and nab one of the few spots on their national teams.

Not only are a rider’s control and coordination tested on challenging courses, participants must display proficiency in other skills like erecting a tent and getting changed into their riding gear, all within a designated time frame. Physical fitness is a must when you’re made to up and down a grass hill in full gear before picking up a GS that was laying on its side.

Endurists who are chosen will get to experience all the spectacular landscapes that Mongolia has to offer and take on the demanding challenges awaiting them: maneuvering the “GS over a broken bridge, drive through deep sand, and heave it over stony river beds and tree trunks.”

Tune in from June 3 - 10, 2018 to follow the event live!

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