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Looking for aftermarket parts

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I've came across this page and although there's not much aftermarket parts for the bike, there's only a few items.

Great thing about it, is that it ships world wide :grin2:

I wonder if there's any other options for aftermarket parts online (like websites to check out).
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It hasn't been out for long. I'm sure there is more to come later.
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how can there be parts out when the bike hasn't even been released yet? The g310r is set to go on sale Q4 of this year.
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A few of them are under development and probably will stay that way until the actual bike is out and the parts that are available doesn't really need the bike to be physically there for testing unless the g310r is so far out of the norm for BMW.
If tuning shops were given the bikes ahead of time to craft aftermerket, the parts from them are likely going to be on sale very close to the release of the bike
I don't think aftermarket shops will be getting the bikes ahead of time unless they know someone in BMW who can help them out. They generally have to wait like everyone else to get their hands on one. Maybe the first one to hit the showroom floors but not before.
Doubt it will happen here but looking at other bikes turn around time hasn't been that bad, so give the average turn around time, the waiting process shouldn't be too bad. Although some guys might find a need to fab up things like a fender eliminator before official parts come.
You'll probably have to ship a few parts from wherever the g310r is most popular. Areas with a high saturation of low cc bikes tends to have more aftermarket companies who are willing to make parts for them. In NA, not so much IMO.
Would be great if ohlins suspension came out with something for the mini GS since it's supposed to be an adventure bike and people are more likely to mod those than the base g310r.
If ohlins doesn't come out with something specifically for the g310r, maybe another model's kit will be compatible.
That's possible and Ohlins might be able to suggest to us what will work unless they won't due to liability reasons.
I just can't think of any model similar to the G310R, where the parts are compatible.
Probably easier with the Mini GS because a lot of adventure parts are interchangeable but not sure about Roadsters like the G310R. doubt you can use the parts from the other bikes in BMW's roadster lineup.
You'll probably see the Indian aftermarket come out with g310r parts first since they are getting their hands on them before everyone else. It'll be a long while before you see aftermarket companies like yoshi and g-craft come out with their own parts.
I don't think yoshimura will come out with anything for the g310r, from the looks of their site they only have parts for the higher cc BMW motorcycles.
But they may be moving towards lower cc bikes since they're coming out with an exhaust kit for the Z125.
Would bembo brakes fit as long as we get the appropriate size or do they need to come out with a model specific one for the g310r.
It goes by size so you'll be able to easily find a set that fits from Brembo. I think the Brembo Racing Z03 and Z04 should fit or the Road SA pads.
Are there other aftermarket companies out there that aren't as expensive?
You can always check eBay and even AliBaba since you typically find just about all companies selling products under the sun their, even the really cheap, sometimes knock off, companies posting products.
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