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Added a pair of SW-Motech mirror extensions (PN: SVL.00.504.10100.B). These came packaged nicely with instructions from Twisted Throttle ( They are lightweight CNC milled aluminum. As far as I can tell they’re finished in black powder coat. The finish is possibly painted but appears more like a powder coating. Anyway, the coating is perfect with no flaws. All fasteners and washers needed came in the package, including plastic caps. The hardware is also black and everything nicely matches the BMW standard handlebar and lever set.

Installation was straightforward. I added the right hand mirror extension first which took about 30 minutes. The left hand mirror took less than 5 minutes. On my bike the right hand mirror uses reverse thread (for the US) and the left hand mirror uses standard thread. The Allen Head fasteners that came in the packaging included one of both. Be aware that you will have to use threadlocker on the Allen Head fasteners which is not included with the kit.

I rotated the extenders out about 45 degrees from the handle bars. At that angle the extenders add 30 mm to the original height of the mirrors and 35 mm out. I’ve got to say for me this was a huge difference in visibility. In the original mirror location my upper body and arms blocked about half of the mirror view. With the extenders I can see all the way behind the bike on either side.
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