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Motorcycle Magazine Tests The G310R

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Motorcycle Magazine test rode the BMW G310R back in December last year and they've finally published their ride review last month. Not sure why it took so long.

The clutch was light and untiring which is great for new riders. I've squeezed a few levers in my day and some of them feel so stiff and hard to pull in with just two fingers.

Test: BMW G310R - Motorcycle-magazine - MOTORRAD International
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At that engine speed and all others the 313cc single motor felt completely unstressed and, more to the point, vibration-free – the single counterbalancer does its job to perfection.
This is another big thing. Vibrations may intimidate some new riders as they may feel something is wrong so the smoother the ride through the power band, the better it is.
Vibration at 90mph/143kmh is very impressive if you ever get up to that speed. That's definitely a bonus for new riders as any vibration would deter them from getting onto the freeway. Also, a more stable bike means more confidence to take that left hand off the grip and wave at other riders.
My only criticism is the same as when I rode the bike in Germany earlier, namely that there wasn’t much feel from the front Michelin Pilot Street tyre.
Would this be a concern if new riders can't feel much from the front tire? May need to start looking into a new tire for the front.
What helps is this segment attracts a type of buyer that might not be all that particular about feedback like that meanwhile others will. It's an entry-level bike, something that acts as an alternative to what we've been getting from the Japanese brands all this time.
It still serves as a great entry-level bike. Definitely something that'll help build you and let you know what more your looking for out of a motorcycle. For an entry level bike, you can't really expect it to be all bells and whistles and ideal for yah right out the gate.
Maybe the tires have a rounder profile so the bike feels more stable going straight, but it won't give it that flickable feel. Maybe that's what the reviewer is complaining about.
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