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This is a neat little game that used to be played on my old bikes forum. It encourages people to ride and explore while also staying safe.
The game is not limited to the G310R - Anyone who is a member of the forum can play the game on ANY motorcycle (as long as rules are followed).
This forum seems to be a bit more worldwide, which should make things really cool.
That said, I'll post the rules, and the first 'Challenge'.
[Unfortunately my pic will be an archived pic because I don't have a bike currently - but it will serve as an example to get under-way.]

Lets Ride!!

1) Name a place or thing to take a picture with your bike.
2) First person to go out, take, and post the picture, picks the next challenge.
3) The picture must be taken after the challenge is picked. (There are no prizes y'all so have fun and take legit pictures)
4) Try not to make it impossible and NO PHOTOSHOPS or archived pics, If nobody else gets the picture within 1 week, the person that picked it can choose a new one.
5) New challenge picture must be taken and new challenge picked within 24 hours of when picture of the last one was posted.
6) Only new pictures, no archives for anything.
7) Pics should have a glove laying on the bike tank, facing forwards for validation
10) New rules can not be placed into play with out a proper user vote


Remember, the intention of this game is to get out there and ride and have fun!

First Challenge - Your bike and a Single Lane Bridge!

[Next person must take a picture of their bike and a single lane bridge for the challenge to be complete, then post a new challenge picture with their bike and a new challenge....]

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No worries porth, For the sake of trying to actually get this off the ground...

Challenged will be changed to: Your bike and a set of train tracks. Bike can be on the tracks (if you can manage it) or off/beside.


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Probably I have a problem but I do not understand what and how.
The first one sends in a picture with the bike and a glove (what is the glove doing?)
What has to be in the second picture and who sends in the second picture ?
The second one can send in a new picture but what will be in that picture and what will number 3 etc be sending in?
Maby It is my lack of the language or my age, I don鈥檛 know.
I like the idea but do not understand enough to take a part of it.

Please explain it a little more in a for us, 鈥榝oreigners鈥 understandable language.

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First person sends in a picture and determines what type of picture the second picture should be (e.g. send in a picture with train tracks, request a picture with a lake or river in the background). Second person sends in a picture with a river in the background and determines what the third picture should be etc..

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I only noticed this thread just now, lol! I concur, make the limit 2 weeks and I'm in; mainly because my jobs are too RNG right now.

Sounds like a lot of fun though, especially when this community grows and we can have more activity. Subbed the thread for later use as well. ;)

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Here we go, first nice day for ages, washed the bike and went out to get the photo...

So I thought I'd issue a very "kiwi" challenge for the next photo - lets see a paddock of sheep with the bike please (= more than 10) :)


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