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So, I've been a BMW fanatic since Need For Speed : Most Wanted came out in 2005 with the E46 M3 GTR as the headliner, I actually ended up buying an E46 M3 in 2012 and have built it like 5 times since then, and now it's in the midst of the 6th, the second to last build I'm going to do to the car.

I'm moving back to Hollywood (leaving the car home in Atlanta) and wanted a nimble little bike to ride on Mulholland and, really, anywhere else. I'll likely turn the bike into a cafe racer when I upgrade to a 1200 after a year or two of riding and renting bigger crazier stuff... or maybe I just like the 310 so much that I just attack corners forever. I don't know.

Pictured is the bike, 2018 with 2300 miles on it, and thank God that someone already made the taillight sit more nicely with the seat, cause I'm in the middle of fabricating a widebody kit on the M3 among other things and would Not have had the time to do that before trekking back to Hollywood.

So, really, all I need to do is remove the windscreen (tired, barely slept, just got home) and Maybe the G310R sticker, throw some bar end mirrors on it, and then I think I'm Gucci to ride until I decide to do a full cafe racer conversion.

either way, here is my new baby with my old baby in the middle of a

nice to be here. Call me Dex. :)

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