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Last weekend sitting on the seat from the new gs310
Its a big machine but lightweight when you came from a harley
Bike looks gorgius in real life
Only the color is a point of discussion
The back of the bike is in silver not in the color of the bike like the 310r
I dont like that and needs a paint job for sure
The quality looks ok
only the paint on the frame on some spots looks cheap thinn sprayjob
But iam impressed overall for the price,looks at this point
This week make my mind about buying and which color
Depending on my trade in from the harley
(In my case how many cash i get from the dealer
Because the harley is more worth than the gs310)
Only between me and him about 500euro difference over the whole price get from him��

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Hope the dealer will give you a fair price.
There will be a big difference between riding a Harley and a BMW and especially a GS.

But I think, once you get used to the playful mood of the Beamer, you will like it.

Have fun.
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