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Hello everyone.

After riding japanese and american road bikes since 1993, I've gone back to the roots and bought a 2018 310 GS. I started my two-wheeler history in 1987 on a Suzuki ER50, riding all over the place until I got my first car in 1991. The roads here in Norway are mostly curvy, narrow roads with tarmac and a speed limit of 60-80 km/h (40-50 mph), but also a lot of gravel roads. Road conditions outside of city areas are pretty bad because of the harsh winters we have here, so any road bike struggle with the bumpy, broken asphalt. After many years of pondering, I've concluded that a dual purpose or adventure bike probably is best suited for riding here in the north. When I first read about the new GS I thought that this is my new bike, and after a test ride I was convinced.

Picked up the GS 5 days ago and so far has put on almost 600 km (375 miles). I really love this bike. I am almost 6 feet 3 inches tall, and leg room is always an issue. On the GS I sit really comfortable, and can operate both gear and brake lever without moving my feet on the pegs. I have ordered the comfort seat, bar risers, taller Wunderlich windscreen and hand protectors which will be put on at the dealer when I go in for my first service. Who knew that a tiny 313 engine could be so much fun!? Sweet spot is around 90-95 km/h, which is perfect for norwegian speed limits. No problem passing cars in 6th gear with just rolling on the throttle, it goes up to 110 pretty quickly, and that's enough.

So far - super happy with my new bike, and for my riding style and environment it is simply perfect!
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