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Just bought my blue G310R today. So excited!
Last time I rode a non automatic bike was back in 88 and that was at the
state motorcycle weekend course. Since then I had only ridden the Yamaha Majesty &
Vespa GTV 300. Both automatics. I must admit I was very nervous. But I rode around the
cycle dealers lot for a little bit, then up and down the main st. Left my car at the dealers to pick
up later and rode home. Made a point of not going home on the freeway, which would have taken me
half as much time. But I wanted to take advantage of the numerous lights along the way, allowing me to shift often.
Made it home safe. Stalled a couple of times from a standing start, but that's to be expected considering my inexperience.
I love this bike. The perfect weight for me. I like that its low. I am 5'10" and like to have my feet flat on the ground at lights.
Haven't yet mastered the perfect gear change, but I'm getting there. Only accessory I need is a tank bag & fuel tank grips.
I might change the seat down the road, but we'll see how it feels. Too be fair, I've only had the bike for about 7 hours at the time
of this posting, so it still feels like Christmas. But I'm sure you guy's all know the feeling. Good to be here and look forward to reading
the posts and getting advice..

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