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Last Tuesday I exchanged my beloved 1993 BMW K75S for a 2018 G310R (Street Cycles, Falmouth, Maine) and couldn't be happier with the decision. I'm in the early years of my seventh decade, and with an artificial hip, less upper body strength than I had some years ago, and no further desire to wrestle the heavy, stubby handle bar K75, the G310 represents an excellent solution. The older I become the more things seem to weigh and that makes the 320 much nicer to live with than the K75.

I'm working vigorously to put 180 miles on the odometer so I can exceed 6000 rpm. Even at reduced revs, the bike is a hoot and has given me something of a new lease on my riding life. That's a good thing.

My spouse and I are citizens of the Great State of Texas (great according to some that is) and live in the San Antonio area during the winter. We're also residents of Moosehead Lake, Maine during the summer. Our Maine motorcycles consist of my very new G310R and her Suzuki TU250X, both of which well suited to the roads in the region. Summer is here and riding is the thing to do. The black flies can't keep up with either bike! :grin2:
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