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Welcome to the forum!

The G310R is a great entry level bike, it's got just the right amount of power, not too much to get you into trouble, but enough to get you out of trouble.

What are the motorcycle licensing requirements in Brazil? do you have to complete any riders courses, are there any initial restrictions?

Take it easy, stay safe and enjoy.

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Welcome to the club!

I concur with porth, as a beginner rider myself I'm finding that ever since I got the G310R I feel happy when I'm commuting (in comparison with my sluggish Daiwoo Matiz). It really is an amazing bike to get as a first timer and the thing is that it gets more fun as time passes by and you learn its quirks.

Stay safe bro and you can definitely rely on this forum for anything you may need, everyone here is friendly and the bike veterans are extremely helpful (with a lot of patience to boot).
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