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If this helps.......Since the HF204 fits the HondaCBR500, I did a search for HondaCBR500 oil filter specifications and found a K&N replacement which confirms an M20x1.5 thread.....

Anti Drain Back ValveYes
Bypass ValveYes
Filter MaterialHigh Flow Premium Media
Gasket MaterialNitrile Rubber
Height2.813 in (71 mm)
Outside Diameter2.594 in (66 mm)
PSI Relief ValveYes
Removal NutYes
Thread SpecificationM20 x 1.5

The length is longer due to the moulded-on nut on the end to assist removal.

So logically IF the HF204 can be used on a HondaCBR500 , it stands to reason that the thread must be M20x1.5 !
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