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pillion seat

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its just one long molded seat.

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Looks nice as a one piece but it doesn't look very comfortable.
I'll definitely be changing it out for comfort during long rides. Some people say you need to break in a seat before it gets comfortable but it'll probably break in my butt before that happens. :D
it just looks like foam under a leather/vinyl cover... looks for comfy then an s1000 ;)
Doesn't look comfortable at all but I guess they had to cut cost somewhere, I really won't mind changing it out to something else. Hopefully they didn't cut back on ares of the bike that matter more.
Seat mods are one of the more common mods made by riders and probably the first one too. I plan to change mine out when the time comes but probably not before giving the stock seat a try.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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