Rally Raid shock for BMW G310GS, Level 1 low
Tractive Rear Shock, RRP 837, 120 Nm spring
in Prescott, Arizona
$200 + shipping, PayPal only

This Rally-Raid shock has 3,300 miles on it, mostly pavement miles, never hard dirt riding. I rode the bike on gravel roads in the low mountains of Arizona. I bought the shock from Rally-Raid in Sept, 2021 for $540.00. Includes the original shock manual and adjusting tool.

The shock is easy to adjust for length, I needed it to lower my seat height. I adjusted it to drop my seat down about 3/4”, and raised the forks the same amount. The damping is great, I’ve owned lots of dirt bikes over the years and this is one of the best working shocks I’ve owned. On washboard / stutter bumps the back end never stalled or got loose. Really good damping.

I traded my bike in to the dealer with the stock shock put back on.

This is from Rally-Raid website:
"The LEVEL 1 LOW shock offers a reduction in seat-height of 10mm from standard and can be further adjusted to lower the seat height by an additional 25mm as desired - i.e. up to -35mm lower that the original seat
*note: Should you elect to lower the rear of the bike with the LEVEL 1 Low shock, we recommended that you also lower the front of the bike correspondingly by the same amount - by sliding the fork legs through the triple clamps - to retain the same fore-aft level attitude of the bike.
Spring rate guidelines:
Rider weight (inc clothing and light luggage (15Kg) Total 85-105Kgs = Standard Spring 120Nm

That’s around 185 to 230 lbs, including your armor and bags.