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Wow there's lotsa nice things in that Rally Raid kit, I really like the look of the crash bar bash plate combo and the suspension/ wire rims? to die for... and that shot that shows the exhaust cracking in full growl! I wonder how much a Rally Raid kitted 310GS like shown in the vid would actually set you back? Any way good on them for having a crack at it. Sure puts the GS into the next league.

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I was always in the mind of "if you want to modify the 310GS so much, maybe its better to consider buying a completely different type of bike, like a CRF250 rally for example" But now that I have seen the sneak preview of the rally raid video, I'm very tempted to consider these mod. Of course my mind may change again once the prices are known :p ....

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... I'm very tempted to consider these mod. Of course my mind may change again once the prices are known :p ....
Teaser pricing as mentioned on the ADV forum....

"Tubed spoked HD wheels £825, Level 1 shock and fork kit £600, Level 2 shock and fork kit £800, plus 20% VAT if in the EU, and shipping"

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Hi Everyone - John (KTMmitch) is still in the process of setting up the dedicated Rally Raid thread in the Vendors section, but since this video has now broken cover over here, I hope the moderators won't mind me copying the FAQs from the ADVrider thread here too - it should help to explain what is going to be on offer from Rally Raid Products from the launch date at the end of this month (March 2018):

G310GS Adventure FAQs

(7th March 2018)​​

Please note: These FAQs pertain specifically to the current Production Specification Rally-Raid Products G310GS ‘Adventure’ kit, and associated parts and accessories - due on sale at the end of March 2018.

1) I understand there are different ‘Levels’ of kit available, can you explain the key differences to me in simple terms?

There are two main options for upgrading the G310GS suspension - LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2

LEVEL 1 replaces the standard travel suspension and maintains the original seat height.

LEVEL 2 is our fully adjustable and longer-travel ‘Adventure’ suspension kit, which offers an increase in travel/ride height of +20mm over standard.

In addition, we also offer a ‘Low’ version of our LEVEL 1 shock which lowers the standard seat height by 10mm and can adjusted to a maximum of -35mm reduction, suitable for shorter riders.

All of our suspension options can be combined with our heavy-duty spoked wheels to complete the ‘GS Adventure’ package, or indeed the 17/19” spoked wheels can also fitted independently of any suspension upgrade if desired.

2) So can you describe the different ‘LEVEL’ suspension options in more detail?

L1 Suspension:

LEVEL 1 replaces the standard travel suspension with higher quality and adjustable components front and rear. This is the ideal option for those who want to improve suspension performance, but do not wish to raise the seat height at all.

The LEVEL 1 rear shock offers the same overall travel/seat height as the OEM shock, but offers far high-quality and adjustable damping (via a single combined adjuster wheel for rebound and compression); together with the option of fitting our hydraulic remote preload adjuster to easily compensate for different loads.

The LEVEL 1 LOW shock offers a reduction in seat-height of 10mm from standard, and can be further adjusted to lower the seat height by an additional 25mm as desired - ie. up to -35mm lower that the original seat*. It features the same combined damping adjuster as the regular LEVEL 1 shock, but note in this Low configuration cannot be fitted with the hydraulic preload adjuster.

The LEVEL 1 fork kit offers the same travel as the OEM fork components, and features upgraded springs, revised damping settings and billet aluminium external preload adjustment caps.

*note. should you elect to lower the rear of the bike with the LEVEL 1 Low shock, we recommended that you also lower the front of the bike correspondingly by the same amount - by sliding the fork legs through the triple clamps - to retain the same fore-aft level attitude of the bike.

L2 Suspension:

The LEVEL 2 'Adventure' suspension package offers a useful increase in travel and ride-height/ground clearance over OEM and our LEVEL 1 shock/fork kit, together with comprehensive damping adjustment.

The LEVEL 2 rear shock offers +20mm travel over standard, and features a reservoir with individual high and low speed compression dampening adjusters, together with a separate rebound adjuster. Similar to high-end dirt-bike suspension, it also features a PDS valving circuit to better control the action towards the extreme of travel. As with the LEVEL 1 shock, there is also the option of fitting our dedicated hydraulic remote preload adjuster to compensate for different loads and conditions.

The LEVEL 2 fork components increase the front ride-height by +25mm to complement the longer travel rear shock, and again includes billet aluminium adjustable preload caps for the upgraded fork springs.

note. all of our G310GS shocks and fork kits can be specified with a choice of spring weights, together with front and rear preload adjustment - allowing you to tailor your suspension set-up to suit your preference.

3) Can I purchase any of the suspension components separately, or do they have to be bought as a package?

Since the LEVEL 1 shock and fork components do not alter the original geometry of the bike at all, they are available separately front and rear, and can be fitted individually if desired.

However, the longer-travel LEVEL 2 shock and fork components must be fitted together as a matched pair, and are therefore sold as a complete kit.

4) Tell me more about the spoked wheels - are they tubeless?

Our heavy-duty spoked wheels are designed to be a direct replacement for the OEM cast wheels (17” rear, 19” front) and accept the existing brake discs, ABS sensor rings and cush-drive/sprocket assembly from the original wheels - making the conversion and any subsequent spare parts (wheel bearings and seals) simple and cost-effective.

They are available with a choice of either black or gold powder-coated rims.

In addition, they can be specified in either tube-type or tubeless options as desired.

The tubeless rims are a cost-option, factory fitted and warrantied [for 4 years] by our partners BARTubeless in Italy. note. Our front and rear tubeless rims incorporate a tubeless tyre bead to properly seat tubeless-specific tyres, such as the Continental TKC series for example.

Please note that not all colour/tube/tubeless options may always be available immediately from our warehouse stock, but all specific orders will be satisfied as quickly as possible.

5) My bike has ABS - do the Rally Raid spoked wheels still work with the ABS?

Yes, they certainly do. The G310GS is sold worldwide as an ABS equipped model, so it was essential that our replacement wheels would retain all the OEM ABS and braking components.

Fortunately BMW also saved us a job in making the ABS on this model switchable on/off (even on the fly) from the factory.

6) I love the look of the spoked wheels - can I just buy the wheels on their own?

Yes of course - the pair of spoked wheels are a direct replacement for the OEM cast wheels: 17” rear and 19” front, accept all your original brake and drive components, and can be fitted independently of any suspension upgrade if you desire.

7) If I fit the spoked wheels, can I swap between my OEM cast wheels for commuting during the week, then swap to the spoked wheels for off-road use?

Certainly - one of the key benefits of having two sets of wheels now is you could always have the cast wheels fitted with street orientated tyres if you regularly commute and want to save your all-terrain tyres specifically for longer adventure rides. All you need to do is swap the OEM brake discs and cush-drive assembly back and forth between each set of wheels as desired.

8) I see the standard bike has a plastic skid-plate, what can I do to improve engine protection?

While the OEM plastic skid plate ought to be sufficient for general [road] riding and mild off-road conditions, we feel the bottom of the engine is particularly vulnerable should an impact on a rock or log occur.

We offer a heavy-duty tubular cradle style engine guard that complete isolates the engine cases from any impact [in much the same was as a traditional dirt-bike frame would], and in addition provides a strong and smooth underside to help slide over any obstacles. Our design also incorporates forward protection for the engine side cases and the base of the radiator, in the event of an impact or tip-over.

Due to the suspended engine design of the G310GS, we consider our engine guard is an essential accessory for those riders wishing to take their bike more seriously off-road.

9) I plan to ride long distances all-year-round on this bike, however the standard windshield doesn’t appear to offer a lot of weather protection - do you have any alternative suggestions?

We have worked with our British engineering partners Powerbronze to develop our own dedicated ‘Adventure’ windshields - in both low/Rally and tall/Touring configurations - and which are specially shaped to allow clearance at full steering lock, even with hand guards fitted. In addition we also offer a perspex headlight lens protector.

10) The standard exhaust silencer is very large and bulky on this bike, do you have an alternative?

Similarly, working in conjunction with another long-term British engineering partner Scorpion Racing, we have developed a dedicated replacement exhaust system for the G310GS, with the option to delete the catalytic coverer for appropriate markets, and which offers a useful weight saving of over 2.5Kg compared to the OEM exhaust.

11) I really don’t like the shape and position of the standard handlebars - is there any alternative from Rally-Raid Products?

Yes, we offer a replacement bar riser and top clamp kit for both traditional 7/8ths diameter or alternatively Fat/Taper bars to be fitted - offering a wider range of sweep and rise handlebars than standard. Both our riser kits have the option of further increasing the rise by either 10 or 20mm over standard height.

Our Fat-bar risers have been specifically designed to mount the Renthal 'RC High' bend (84mm rise) handlebars, as we feel these offer the combination of rise and sweep for off-road riding (and indeed are a very popular choice with rally riders), and fit with the OEM cables, hoses and switchgear wiring without modification.

12) It would appear that the GS has brackets for a centre stand, but so far BMW have not offered one for this bike - will you be offering a centre stand?

We realise it is useful to be able to lift the rear wheel off the ground for chain maintenance and/or puncture repair, but at the same time, consider a traditional centre-stand bulky, and unnecessary weight to carry around with you 100% of the time - particularly on a lighter-weight bike that is intended to be used more frequently and seriously off-road, where it can also get hung-up and hinder progress in rough or muddy terrain.

Instead we would suggest you consider a short removable prop-stand similar to those used by dual-sport riders - which typically locates under the swing-arm and is used in conjunction with the side stand to lift the rear wheel a few inches off the ground. The Endurostar Trail Stand or Bikemaster Lift-Stick are two popular choices.

For workshop and home maintenance, we strongly recommend you invest in either a traditional paddock stand to lift the rear wheel (the universal type can be used with many other motorcycles too of course), or a simple scissor-lift that can be used to lift either wheel in conjunction with the Rally Raid tubular engine guard.

13) Ok, I’m ready to buy - I see you are based in the UK - how do I purchase the parts I want?

Rally Raid Products have a comprehensive web-shop: Rally-Raid Products Ltd, that accepts International payment in a range of currencies, proportional to the default UK pound pricing.

We use UPS for worldwide shipping, to most destinations using their 48 hour priority service. Typically all products in stock shipped to both Europe and the USA arrive within a week.

14) Can I fit the suspension/full Adventure kit myself at home, or does it need professional installation?

The kit/s have been designed to be DIY fit, and full step-by-step instructions are available on the Rally Raid Products website to read/download at the bottom of each respective product page.

The kit/s have been specifically designed to be completely bolt-on, and there is no need to cut or weld anything to fit the upgraded components. Typical workshop tools - a metric socket set, wrenches and allen keys are really all that is required. However, BMW do have some unique hardware on this bike, and where applicable, we will include a specific tool/fitting to allow you to remove and replace any specific component.

Should you prefer a professional workshop to undertake the work on your behalf, then they too will appreciate the straightforward nature of the conversion.

note. To safely fit the front and rear suspension components, you will need support the bike so that no weight is on either the swing-arm/front forks in turn. In that regard, we suggest you consider our tubular Engine Guard which cradles the engine, and fit that first of all - then you can support the complete weight of the bike on a scissor lift directly underneath the engine.

In addition, while the vast majority of the installation is simple bolt-off bolt-on, you will be required to remove some of the fork internal components and replace them with the new Rally Raid parts. If you are not confident or familiar with such a procedure, we do recommend obtaining the assistance of an experienced and/or professional workshop mechanic for that element of the conversion.

15) I’m rather short in the leg, and find the GS is already as tall as I feel comfortable on… what are my options to upgrade if I want to ride my bike off-road more seriously?

While we consider our longer-travel LEVEL 2 suspension to be the optimum [off-road] set-up for this bike, we realise that the compact dimensions and lighter weight of this new BMW is also going to appeal to shorter adventure riders - which is why we felt it important to offer high quality and adjustable suspension in standard travel/ride-height length too, together with an additional ‘Low’ version that lowers the seat-height by up to -35mm from standard, should you desire.

The LEVEL 1 suspension components will make the most of the original travel available, without raising the seat height at all. Fortunately the geometry of this bike means you’ll still have more than adequate ground-clearance for most off-road conditions.

If you plan to ride off-road and into the unknown, then we would certainly recommend also fitting our tubular Engine Guard to protect the otherwise vulnerable sump; while our heavy-duty foot-pegs offer a far larger platform for when standing while riding off-road, and indeed improve general comfort when riding long distances too.

Finally, the spoked wheel kit offers stronger and more resilient heavy-duty rally-bike specification wheels, which can accept the OEM size tyres or similar more aggressive tread pattern alternatives.


I'm also going to be buying my own bike over in the USA next month, and embarking on a cross country trip starting at the Horizons Unlimited meeting in Virginia (26-29th April) and going via Overland Expo West in Arizona (18-20th May) on my way to California. My plan initially is to include the newly released sections of the Trans-America Trail in Virginia and North Carolina, and will also be spending some time in and around Moab putting the bike though it's paces on some more technical terrain on my way west.

You can also expect plenty more from me over the summer (I have a series of Horizons Unlimited and other ADV rally event presentations scheduled from early July onwards) - when I head north into Canada, the neighbouring US States all the way to the Pacific North West.

In the meantime, feel free to ask any specific questions and I'll do my best to answer here...

Jenny x
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