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These last few days while the weather has been bad, I've been working on adding a removable 'seat Bag'
The idea being to keep my disc lock and other security gear,a few tools,spare glasses etc.
The bag will be kept inside the top box normally, but when I use the bike to visit the supermarket
for some minor shopping or other trips out I take the bag out and put all the security stuff back in it and attach it
with webbing straps etc to the top box straps.That way I can carry more shopping etc.To stop the straps
from flapping about when riding with the bag detached,I've used elasticated webbing (from and old go pro harness)
to join the straps up.The bag is from china and cost about £12 (at the time) The weebing and buckles is available on Ebay.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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