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Does this exist elsewhere? If so, sorry for the dual thread.

Picked up the GS today, and since the pass was clear and above 35 F, I decided to ride the 130 miles home. I can't wait to get this motor broken in, so I can take it up into the real powerband. I like the ride so far, it's very easy to maneuver. Most of my miles were spent on the highway around 60 mph, however, I didn't have any issues with the gearbox. Neutral was easier to find than my other bikes.

I climbed up to 5200' or so on Santiam Pass, and at the start, I noticed 59 mph at 6000 RPM, but as the fuel burned off, I gained a couple mph, up to 63 (accidently hit 6300rpm/66mph a couple of times). The tach goes from left to right here, and is fairly easy to get used to, and the fuel gauge (dang! Fancy coming from the 02' F650GS!) is a nice feature as well. It'll take some time getting used revving to 10K again though after the 6700 redline on the 650. A nice touch on the computer is once you get down to the low fuel light, the display switches to range left.

As mentioned, it was pretty cold at the top of the pass, but luckily it was raining. That meant no ice, for the time being, so I pushed through the rain to get home. The Tourances were okay. I slowed down just in case conditions worsened; they were still new tires at the start of the trip, and I was hitting 90 miles when the road started to get wet. I guess I'll be cleaning tomorrow. It is an interesting swingarm design. I'll have to verify the bottom is open: I'm sure there will be dirt in there forever now.

The lights seemed dim in the rain with traffic moving the other direction, but were fine when the road dried out. I just couldn't see the lines, and it didn't help that some were partially under snow.

The seat is one of my favorite parts right now. I feel like I could easily hop on and knock out 100 more miles. It is the most comfortable of three previously ridden on (Ninja 300, F650GS with a Sargent saddle, and a Daytona 600). It grips your butt nicely. You have to partially stand to reposition after sinking in, and I'm only 160 lbs.

The suspension didn't bother me, but as expected, wasn't quite as sharp as the 310R. For the increased travel and 19" front wheel, it's amazing. I look forward to the Rally Raid kit.

The black plastic windscreen, surprisingly enough, also didn't bother me. As previously reported, it streamlined air flow effectively. It also won't show scratches like Lexan.

All in all, I'm very happy with the purchase. The road were a little curvy, and the little GS was predictable, but still fun. There's absolutely nothing wrong with tracking where you want it to go. It is going to be even better with the full powerband available. Next time, hopefully I'll still have daylight left so I can stop for some good pictures. I might try the scenic route out to Fossil, if I can get the time.
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